Emmett’s Party

Ok, I tried very VERY hard to throw a “Pinterest” type party.  Decorations and crafts are not my strong suite.  But, I really wanted E’s first birthday to be special for him and I wanted great pictures for him to be able to look at one day.  Looking back, I am pretty sure he could give a rats a$$ because he’s a boy but it made me feel good to do it and I think it looked pretty good.

Here is a look at the entire room:

Entire Room Entire room differnt angleNot bad if I do say so myself!  Let’s start over at the wish table.  I wanted everyone to write Emmett a wish if you will for his first birthday.  Not everyone got around to writing him one but the one’s who did write one, we thank you.  They were so much fun to read over and I can’t wait to have E read them one day when he will really appreciate it.

not tableNext I tried to add a little fun to the room by making a banner of E from months 1-11 so that people could look through the photos and see how much he’s changed in his one year of life.  I don’t think there’s going to be any other year that he will live that he’ll change this much in such a short amount of time.

Emmett BannerFood was not going to be the bain of my existence for this party so I decided to keep it simple with hotdogs, burgers, chips, salad (not seen in the photo) baked beans and mac and cheese (also not photographed).  Thanks to my in-laws and my aunt and own mother, the food was taken care of and I didn’t even have to lift a single finger in this department.

Food TableThe drinks were very simple too.  We decided on several different soda’s in 2 liters and while shopping we also found a cute throw back theme for Mountain Dew and Pepsi that we just had to have so we got 2 12 packs and I believe 2 soda’s were opened.  We also had 2 24 packs of Paps Blue Ribbon Beer.  I loved that the colors on the cans were blue and red so that was the reasoning behind that (not to mention it’s one of the cheapest beers on the market).

drinksI also found several cute little kitschy type trinkets and toys at World Market and just couldn’t resist. I decorated the tables with all these little things.

bunsUnfortunately I didn’t get a great picture of the dessert table.  It was half done while I was sapping photos.  What is not pictured are the red velvet cupcakes and the beautiful red and aqua sugar cookies my sister-in-law made.  I also had an idea of putting photos of both me and chad on either side of E’s invitation but that isn’t seen in this photo either because my mother had it and she hadn’t arrived yet.

Cake tableThe ONE thing I was in charge of was the cake.  I made that tiny smash cake for Emmett and am a little embarrassed about it because it didn’t turn out quite how I’d envisioned but hey, who’s really looking at the cake?  It was destroyed in about 2.5 seconds anyways so I’m sure glad we didn’t spend big bucks on buying E a cake to put his fingers into.  The round cake, I made.  Both were a family recipe from my mom.  The cake was delicious.  The red velvet cupcakes were just made from a box mix because I was over how much the cake was already costing us even though we made it from scratch.

CakeI am so mad at myself for forgetting this cute little tin decoration I found at Hobby Lobby.  It would have fit perfectly with everything but it fell behind our TV and I forgot about it.  Pretty much everything else was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  That place is incredible.  I also made the banners from construction paper.  All plates, napkins, and plastic ware was purchased at Hobby Lobby too.  I searched Denver for all things aqua and red but the majority of this stuff came from Hobby Lobby.  If I were you and you are thinking of throwing a party, just save yourself a lot of time and hassle and do a one stop shop at Hobby Lobby.  I swear by that store.  Even the little cute paper striped straws were purchased at Hobby Lobby!  My mother-in-law donated the table cloth and serving dishes so I’m not sure where that stuff came from.  I can say I could not have done this party without my in-laws.  They are seriously amazing people and were so incredibly helpful.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law helped me with all the decorations and their placements.  I would have no clue where to start so I’m every thankful that they were there to help guide me.  The party was a complete success and almost every one who we invited showed up which felt pretty awesome.  Emmett was born into so much love.  We are so grateful for those who helped with his special day and who showed up to help us celebrate.






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