The BIG 1

My teeny tiny baby boy turned one on Saturday.  I’d like to say I can hardly believe it but when I think back to this time last year, I can believe it.  SO much has happened since that night in the birthing room and that first breath he took.  I do feel as though it’s gone by semi fast, but when I look back at photos of him, I think to myself, “that was a long time ago”, which in all honesty, feels pretty good.  Emmett has just made leaps and bonds this past month in his development.  He has finally mastered the art of crawling.  I’m not sure on which day he took his last army crawl, but it was sometime in the month of April.  He had been getting on all fours for a while, I believe even in month 11, but now he is just full on crawling and he is fast.  That little boy can get to where he needs to be in lightening speed now.  I do believe this stage will prepare us well for walking because I think in the beginning of him learning to walk, he’ll actually be a lot slower!

crawling3This month Emmett has also learned to stand on his own.  He will pull up onto something, then let go and can do this for a few seconds at a time now.  He’s also added a few “words” to his speech.  His favorite is still “baba” and he pretty much says that to anyone and everything but a few new ones are “didi” and “byby”.  Those are added to “papa”, “dada”, and sometimes and I mean really only sometimes, “mama”, and he only says mama when he’s really REALLY upset and it comes out as an accident.  I think I’ve heard him say it maybe twice since December.

morecrawlingEmmett is very curious and he’s into everything these days.  When I’m holding him his head is constantly spinning in every which direction to see where a sound came from.  He points at lots of things, especially when we’re out grocery shopping or running errands. His absolute favorite thing in the entire world is to open and shut doors.  Give him a cabinet with a door or two attached and he goes wild.  He’ll sit there for 20 minutes just opening and shutting the doors.  His favorite toys are those with doors to open and shut.  When we were headed to Kansas City over the past weekend he was a crying mess on the way there.  We had no idea how to keep him quite so we pulled out our last trick, the Cheerios.  Only he wasn’t interested in the Cheerios, he wanted the container that we keep them in.  He sat and opened and shut the container for the remainder of the flight!  Sometimes in between opening and shutting said object, he likes to take whatever is in it, pull it out, place it down, look at it for a second, and then pick it up and put it back into the container or cabinet.  He also did this for multiple minutes with the Cheerios.

crawlingHe is an extremely happy baby as well.  He gets smiles from everyone he meets and while sometimes acts shy, totally gives anyone who smiles at him a smile back.  He is easy to make laugh and his laughing is contagious.  I don’t think there is a better sound in the world as the laughter of a child and of course because Emmett is mine, I think his laugh is the sweetest there is.  He still hates sitting still for a story.  Of course, that doesn’t mean he is totally disinterested in books either.  What do books do?  They open and shut!  So I can usually sit him down long enough to read one word on each page.  We leave a book or two in his crib at night so that when he wakes up he can entertain himself with one.  We have caught him on numerous occasions “reading” his books.  We’re getting there.

Sleep this month has been a dream come true.  He had minimal nights this past month where he woke up and wouldn’t go back down.  He has several little white specs in his mouth so I’m sure that’s what kept him up last month.  His teeth were trying to break through the gums.  I know we’ll have more on the way, but this last month was a nice little break from the middle of the night wake ups.  We did have one night last week where we actually had to sleep with him all night.  He had been sick with a running nose and cough and that combined with going to Kansas City, getting no afternoon nap in and also being in a new environment really threw him off.  Luckily he had zero problems sleeping with mom and dad and slept just fine through the night, not waking up once!  Mom and dad on the other hand were up every hour checking on him and making sure he was still breathing.  The whole sleeping with your kid thing still freaks me out and I have no idea how people do it.  I am just up all night worrying about him.  We are definitely not a co-sleeping family and never, ever will be.  We were thankful last week that once E finally did get some sleep, he transitioned into the crib in his own room just fine and we all got better sleep because of it.

We are also still going strong with the BOB.  I’ve done several 10 mile runs with him completely awake the whole time just cooing and chatting it up.  He seems to still really enjoy being in there and is perfectly content being awake in there too.  This is a new phenomenon for him.  He usually falls asleep within about 20 minutes of being in there.  Thank goodness he doesn’t cry in there or get fussy like he used to.  I used to have to time my runs perfectly either right when he woke up from a nap or right before he was ready to go down.  Now it seems as though it really doesn’t matter.  I have heard horror stories from some moms who said that their kids never went in the BOB and hated it.  Ok, mine hated it too but that really wasn’t an option for him.  I think he just got used to it!

BOB2 BOBHe’s still an excellent eater.  He has been trying new things almost every week.  He absolutely loved his birthday cake.  You never know what kids are going to do or how they are going to react to those things but Emmett took it down like a champ and has since enjoyed a cupcake or two.  He still won’t even touch eggs.  I did get an egg down him a few weeks ago but that was only because it was fried, mashed, covered in cheese, stirred with hummus and dowsed with applesauce.  The mixture almost made me gag but he happily ate it.  I have learned that if you want Emmett to eat anything, it must first be covered in applesauce.  Actually, he’s pretty good about eating most everything else.  New foods are still someone iffy the first few times but after he tries it for maybe 2-3 bites, he’ll usually eat it with ease.  We really are just having trouble getting him to drink water.  I think he’s got the hang of one of the sippy cups we have but he much prefers to drink water out of our cups.  I’m still nursing him and it’s still going well but I’m trying to go down to 3 feedings.  It was working pretty well up until yesterday when he just didn’t eat a great lunch so I nursed him before and after lunch which ended up totally 4 feeds from me yesterday.  Eventually, I’d like to get down to just morning and evening then slowly ween him off of those.

highchair eatingHe also loves to do tricks and is finally starting to associate certain things with words.  Chad has taught him “so strong” and “so big”.  When you say “Emmett, are you so strong?!”, he balls his fists up like a body builder and “flexes” his muscles and scrunches his face up.  When you ask him, “Emmett, are you so BIG!?”, he take his arms and puts them up over his head and stretches them out as far as they will reach.  He also knows where our noses are as well as our ears and tongues.   He is now 1 year and a week and over the weekend my mom taught him how to sign more when he wants more food.  It’s pretty impressive to watch.  He also takes his lip and sticks it all the way out when you say “Emmett” in a low voice.

emmett's lipWe have our one year check up this morning so I’ll be back to update on that and have some stats on where he’s at with his development.  I’m crossing my fingers, hoping and praying he’ll be right where he should be.  I can’t tell if he’s on the small side, the large side or right in the middle.  I guess that charts will tell us!

To the sweetest, happiest little guy I know, Happy Birthday!  You made it ONE whole year and there are many more to come.  Thank you for being the best thing that has ever happened to us.  You are so loved little boy!

happybirthday eating cake


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