The Weekend in Pictures

1 2 3 4We had an amazing weekend here in Colorado.  It started off a little chilly on Friday so we met up with some mommas and babies from our playgroup at the Denver Aquarium.  Emmett absolutely loved seeing the fish.  He was quite enchanted and laughed pretty hard from time to time.  I actually have no idea if he was laughing because of the fish or the other children, but all the same, I got his photo.  On Saturday we took a family walk before the weather turned to rain.  The park is such a great spot for us to take Emmett to crawl around.  He loves the texture of the grass and the wind in his hair.  He is quite the outdoorsy type and will do great camping with Papa in the future (yes, Mama will be home enjoying a weekend to herself while her boys enjoy some bonding time)!  Sunday we went to the first of many “1st” birthday parties from the birth class babies.  Robert turned one on Sunday so we tried our best to capture a moment with the babies.  It didn’t turn out so well as when one baby cries, every single baby started to cry.  It was an incredible sight and I still laugh every time I see this photo.

So there you have it!  A quick and look into our past weekend.


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