Mama Time

I don’t know what it is about Saturday mornings, but for some reason they are different than any other day of the week.  As soon as the sun comes up over the condo buildings (or even when I can see the sky and know the sun is coming), my heart starts to race with excitement.  I can’t turn it off.  I must get up!  Almost every Saturday is the same.  I get up around 6:30am, I let the dog out and feed her, I turn on my favorite trash TV (today it’s LA shrinks on Bravo), grab my coffee and sometimes a cookie or brownie and pull out my computer to sit down and catch up on emails, blogs, and Pinterest posts.  It feels so incredible.  Today the baby was still asleep at 6:30am and actually, even when he’s awake, we leave him in his crib for about an hour after waking so he learns how to play on his own.  He’s awake now but content.  I cherish this time, just as I did when I was single, when I lived with my parents, and right after I got married.  I love the feeling that a new day brings.  I love sipping coffee.  It’s a ritual that I missed so much while pregnant with Emmett.  I couldn’t even look at the stuff without feeling nauseous.  I’m so glad it’s back in my life and morning routine.

It’s funny, I’m a morning person but I don’t like being social in the morning.  Maybe this stems from all those early mornings that I had completely to myself when I was single and used to get up at 5am for a run before the day got started.  I don’t really know.  I love getting up, I love starting my day, I love coffee, I love breakfast food, I love exercising in the morning but I really hate talking or being with people in the morning.  Of course, it’s different when we are staying at someone’s house for some reason.  I suppose it’s because we’re in their space but I really don’t mind disrupting my morning ritual and sitting down with a cup of coffee and having a chat.  I actually crave the company in these situations.  But for today, I’m enjoying just being alone, the calm before the storm, sipping my coffee, watching trash TV and writing.


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