I can’t believe the horrific events that took place in Boston today at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  I’m saddened by humanity.  Whether it was an act of terror, a lone wolf angry at the sport or a group out to make a point, it’s unbelievable still to me that someone would do such a thing.  Boston, my thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight.  I can only even imagine waking up to run a marathon or go cheer on a friend, family member or complete strangers and not see my loved one come home.  I’m just sick for the 8 year old boy and his family members who will never see him again.

On a completely different note, I was talking to my husband tonight about other events that happened today in the world.  Just TODAY in Baghdad there were a series of bombings that killed 42 people and injured 257 others. And how artillery shells from Syria hit Lebanese border town where homes were destroyed and people were, again, killed and injured. It frustrates me that many US citizens choose not to read the news and I get equally upset that, no matter the place, bombing should never become commonplace, expected and accepted. I hope all are ok, wherever they may be in the world. Never take for granted your safety and always, always read the news so you know what’s going on out there so we can think about others outside of our own country and not just ourselves.



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