The early run

This morning I took the plunge and set my alarm clock for 5:30am.  I have a fairly full day today so I wanted to make sure to get my run in.  I haven’t set my alarm that early to go on a run since my working days.  I was actually pretty excited when I went to bed last night.  In fact, I was so excited to get up and run on my own that it took me a lot longer than usual to fall asleep.  I think I woke up a total of 5 times over the course of the night to check the alarm clock.  Ok, I had a few other things on my mind too, but more on that later (I hate when people say that).  When the alarm finally did go off, I did NOT feel rested and was NOT excited to get out of my warm cozy bed.  It is still dark out at 5:30am so that didn’t help things.  Not to mention, it’s also still very cold in the mornings.  It’s much easier to get out of bed at that ungodly hour when it’s summer time and the sun is up.  Some how I mustered up enough energy to make my way out of my bedroom and into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee.  There is just not quite anything like that first cup of joe in the morning upon waking.  It’s what gets me out of bed most mornings and not because of it’s energizing effects either.  I just love coffee!  The taste, the smell, the experience.  Coffee deserves it’s own post.

I also had to make a coffee cake for a breakfast we were invited to.  As I sipped on my coffee, I quickly whipped up the coffee cake to bed ready to go into the oven when I came back from my run.

So let’s get to it!  The run.  Oh. My. Goodness. I miss my early runs.  There is just something about being awake and out the door before most people are even awake.  The air, the breeze, the camaraderie of other runners out.  I can’t quite explain it.  I love watching the sun come up and lighting up the sky.  The best part about the sun coming up in the east is when it wakes the mountains in the west.  The sight of those mountains never, ever gets old to me.  Every day, I’m amazed when I see them.  When I run, it’s an entirely new amazement.  Today, I made sure that the route I took would give me a front seat to the sun waking the mountains.  It was a very VERY cold morning.  But ya know something?  I didn’t even care.  The first two miles were for the pup.  She has been severely neglected in the exercise arena lately.  After I ran her, I dropped her off and headed out on my own.  My time.  All to myself.  Love.  I forgot how much I missed running in the cold, dark streets, all alone.  No jogging stroller, no dog.  Just me and the open road.  I think I need to schedule more dates like the one I went on today.  It cleared my mind and forced me to be at peace with the changes that accompany the passing years.  It’s a way to regroup.  I hope to continue to do my morning runs on an occasional basis.  It’s not a realistic goal to do it everyday, but I do think they need to be reintroduced maybe a few times a month.

Never take for granted the small things.



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