Moving on

I think we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with Emmett.  He has been sick for several days now.  It started last Thursday.  He seemed warm but I really didn’t think much of it because he wasn’t acting sick.  Friday he was warm again but also lethargic.  He still had tons of energy, don’t get me wrong, but he just seemed out of sorts for some reason.  By Friday night he seemed like he was just a mess.  His eyes were red, he was pretty needy and super warm.  I decided to take his temperature and it ended up being over 102.2.  We didn’t get a great read on it because he kept moving and finally I gave up after the thermometer hit 102.2.  We called the doc. on call and she told us to refer to our manual that we got when he was just 2 weeks old for dosages on fever reducing meds.  We gave him a dose and put him to bed.  The next several mornings he was very horse and just not as spunky as he usually is.  On Monday Chad took him in to see the pediatrician, I’d say it was more for us than it was for him.  His lymph nodes seemed awfully swollen and I worried a lot about them on Friday night so it was good peace of mind to have a medical professional take a look and tell us there was nothing wrong with him.

Sometimes we need to trust that our bodies are fighting infections and virus’s on their own.  I have found that it’s difficult being a parent of a sick child.  Just seeing him even slightly uncomfortable makes my heart heavy.  I ache for him.  Chad even mentioned last night that if it would take the baby’s pain away, he’d cut of his arm.  It really is amazing how either of us would do anything for this little person.  We have only known him for a short 10 months but he’s stolen our hearts and it seems as though we’d go to extreme lengths to make this little guy as happy and as healthy as humanely possible.  It’s a good feeling to love something so much that you’d give your life up for that little being.  Thank goodness he’s starting to feel a bit better on his 10 month “birthday”.  I’m not sure how much more of this we could handle!


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