The art of being patient

This morning I sat for Jury Duty.  Ok, I never had my number called but I sat…and sat…and sat.  This morning started early for me.  Last night we had friends over to watch the Oscars and I didn’t end up getting to bed until almost 11pm.  I knew I wanted to workout this morning before Jury Duty because it’s cold here and we received quite a bit of snow yesterday.  I was up bright and early at 5am to work it out on the elliptical this morning.  Afterwards, I rushed to get ready.  Chad took me to the court house and I arrived just before 8:15am.  Unlike the rest of my family, I like to be ridiculously early to everything.  This usually works to my disadvantage.  You see, the problem with showing up early is that 99% of the time, the rest of the party isn’t ready or hasn’t arrived which forces me or you, the early person, to sit and wait.  There really is no win here.  I’m anxious if I’m running late and then if I arrive early, I’m anxious sitting because I can only think of a million other things I’d rather be doing.  When I arrived and got checked in, I wasn’t the only early bird.  The room was half full already but people trickled in well past 8:30am which was the time that was stated that we be there by.  After our orientation ended at about 9am we sat and waited for one of several juries to want us.  I have to be honest, I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t be chosen.  But what’s worse?  Being chosen only to go to another room and sit and then know that you’ll be there all day for possibly the next few days or not being chosen which results in more waiting.  Surprisingly, the time went by pretty quickly.  I was only there from 8:30-11:30am but I have my old job to thank for making me so miserable every single day of my life that I had no choice but to sit and be patient and to wait for the clock to strike 4:30pm.  I learned how to entertain myself at that job.  So today I decided to make a choice.  I was going to sit quietly, embrace the fact that I was all alone with no one to talk to, and enjoy every bit of surfing the net and reading my magazine in peace and quiet.  This morning was a good morning.  I have learned that it’s all in your perspective.  The more you dig your heals in kicking and screaming that you don’t want to do something, the harder it’s going to be.  I took a deep breath before entering the court house and told myself that this was going to be 100% me time today and ya know what?  It was.


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