Weekend in Review

Wow, this past weekend was a whirlwind but a fun one non the less.  We hoped on a plane and decided to go visit our newest member of the family.  Our first niece was born on February 1 so we decided way back in November that we wanted to meet her after she was a few weeks old.  I think we finally made the flight reservations sometime at the beginning of January. We got in on Wednesday night.  Emmett slept most of the flight.  I think it’s about his eighth flight since birth so I just don’t really worry too much about how to entertain him or how he’s going to do on the flight.  He was perfect as usual.  We got up Thursday morning and really didn’t waste anytime getting ready so that we could go meet little miss Chloe Christine.

I think I mentioned this already in my announcement post but she is perfect in every way.  We spent the majority of the time over at my sister and brother in laws house just holding the baby and letting the boys play.

Beckett my nephew has always seemed to have an interest in Emmett.  They play fairly well together and I only say fairly because Emmett doesn’t know what’s going on half the time.  They are 20 months apart to the day and can provide hours of entertains for both each other and us adults!  We had a great lunch of taco salad over there and more play time.

Boys will be boys.  I’m trying to prepare myself for what’s to come someday.  Since I just know I will be having all boys, it was fun to watch these two interact all weekend.

After playtime we headed back to my in-laws house and napped.  Boy, did that ever feel good.  Have I ever mentioned I’m not much of a napper?  Well, when we are in KC, for whatever reason, it just feels so darn good to snooze.  They must wear us all out!  After our naps, Chad and I decided it was time for some much needed insanity.  It was a meh workout in my opinion.  My husband likes pushing himself to the limits for short amounts of time which is exactly what this workout is.  I like more endurance type workouts that push me but for longer amounts of time.  That being said I’d do it again.  After our workout we showered up and got ready for our evening out for Valentines day.  We decided we weren’t doing anything fancy this year, just cards and dinner.  Our in-laws were nice enough to watch Emmett so that we could go to dinner child free.  It’s nice having grandparents around who love their grandchild so much that they were willing to give up their Valentines Day to watch our baby 🙂 Thanks in-laws!

Anyways, our dinner reservations weren’t until 8:45pm (it was either that or 4:45pm) so we actually were able to get E almost completely ready for bed before heading out.  We went to the location of our very first date.  It’s called Blue Bird Bistro.

It was absolutely divine.  We started off at the bar with some wine and beer.  Once our table was ready we ordered a smoked sweet potato soup and polenta cakes to share.  Once we were finished with our appetizers, we each got an entree.  I ordered green curry which was a vegetarian dish and Chad got the Bison burger with mashed potatoes.

Both dishes were out of this world.  It was an amazing ambiance and even better conversation.  I swear I could never run out of things to say to Chad and could never get tired of him talking to me.  Now, normally after any dinner date with my husband, I request something sweet.  Guess what I’m doing this year??  I gave up sweets for Lent.  No, we’re not Catholic and rarely do we go to church but I do participate in Lent most years.  For the past two years I have forgone Lent due to getting married in 2011 (and who could pass up wedding cake!?) and then of course last year I was pregnant and felt as though I had sacrificed far too many things already.  It feels good to not be eating sweets now but it sort of puts a damper on plans of going to a cute coffee shop after a lovely evening and getting red velvet cake for dessert.  Oh well, there’s always April!  When we got home E was in bed and so was my mother in law.  I headed straight to bed as well and Chad wasn’t far behind.  It was a busy day!

Friday was a very low key day.  I decided to get up and run since my days of running by myself and numbered these days.  I figured I should take advantage while I have the help!  It was a COLD run.  It was 25 degrees which I’m used to but it was also VERY windy which I’m not used to.  I somehow managed 6 miles and called it a day.  I wasn’t cold per se, just very uncomfortable.  When I got back I raced upstairs to get ready for the day and then headed back downstairs to be with everyone.  While I was away, Cara, Beckett and Chloe made their way to the house.  The rest of the day was spent lounging and napping by everyone.  Later that night the whole family came over and we ate had chili for dinner.  It was perfect for the cold temps of the day.

Saturday was another busy day!  I was lucky enough to be included in the quarterly brunch, “Women of Windyville”.  This is a brunch that happens at someone’s house where the women of Chris’s side of the family get together and catch up.  It was really nice to see and meet everyone.  I was finally able to put a face to a name with some women.  We had a wonderful brunch.  Chris served two dishes.  One was a hashbrown egg casserole and the other was a blueberry french toast casserole.  Both turned out really well and were very delicious.  After brunch Chad and I headed down south to our visit with our friends and see their daughter.  But, before we dropped by our friends house, what’s a visit now to KC without going to Trader Joe’s?

I swear, CO is the ONLY “healthy” state in America without a Trader Joe’s.  We keep being told we’re getting one, but that remains to be seen.

It was nice for E to get to play with an almost 2 year old.  Jada was very interested in Emmett and Emmett was mesmerized by Jada.  I love watching Emmett watch other kids.  I’d love to know what’s going on in his head!  After our visit we headed back to Chad’s parents house for a wonderful dinner of Lasagna and bread and salad.  I LOVE Chad’s mom’s lasagna.  I have asked Chad’s mom for this recipe and have made it once.  It never turns out the way she makes it.  Maybe it’s just so much better when someone else makes it?  I don’t know!  I am determined to find out the secret!  After dinner the kids were in really great moods so we headed downstairs for some family pictures.

After pictures, Cara, Jared, B and C went home and we stayed up for a short while longer and visited.  The next morning I decided it just wasn’t worth the pain to run in the bitter cold so I took another rest day.  Nancy, Gary and Marge all stopped by for about an hour or so that morning as well to say their last goodbyes to us.

We all got ready and headed out to Panera for lunch.  I swear, Panera has the best soup ever.  I got the broccoli cheddar and it did not disappoint!

Did you know that it’s only 300 calories for a BOWL?!  That’s totally worth it in my opinion.  One of my favorite things about Panera is that they post their nutrition facts.  After lunch we headed over to Cara and Jared’s for one last visit with Chloe and to say goodbye.

Just a side note, Emmett maybe took a 15 minute nap in the morning before heading out so he was beat by the time we got over to Cara and Jared’s.  He was being so incredibly sweet.

And of course we had to say goodbye to the lady of the hour.

And that about wrapped up our trip to KC to meet little miss Chloe!  See you in April Kansas City!


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