A day in the life of a 9 month old

I love looking back at my posts and seeing how far my baby has come developmentally and I also love looking back at old videos we have taken of him when he was just a newborn.  I can hardly believe he used to look and act like that!  It’s crazy what they say, “the days are long but the years are short”.  This quote makes me sad but it also makes me smile.  It’s true, the days are so long some times but I wouldn’t take back any of it…ever.

I’ve never done a day in the life post but as Emmett gets older, we seem to do more throughout our days to entertain him and to make sure that he’s getting enough social interaction since he’s not in daycare.

7am-wake up!  Emmett has become quite the champion sleeper.  Just this past month he’s really gotten into a great groove.  I think I can attribute this to the doctor giving us permission to put him down earlier than we used to.  She told me sleep negates sleep which I have heard before but didn’t really believe it.  About a month ago we decided to start keeping E up later in hopes that he’d sleep in later.  We’d try putting him to bed after 8pm most nights and he’d end up waking up at about 5:30am every morning!  I couldn’t understand this seeing as how he was going to bed between 8-9 at night.  Theoretically, wasn’t he supposed to be sleeping IN until 8-9am!?  The doctor told me this is a common mistake amongst parents.  She basically said that babies do better going to bed around 7-7:30pm.  That night, I came home and told Chad about this shocking revelation so we put E down earlier that night.  Low and behold he slept until 7am!  We’ve been doing this now for two weeks and it’s worked like a charm.  Not only does this give mommy and daddy a ton of time together at night (we go to bed around 11pm) but it also gives us some time in the morning so sleep in a little bit before our bundle of job demands to be taken care of in the morning.

7-8am-this is our time to eat!  Emmett nurses in the morning almost immediately.  He is ok if someone other than myself comes and gets him and plays with him for a while but the second he sees me it’s over.  He ONLY wants his mama in the morning.  It’s crazy, I can hold him for as long as I want without him getting fussy but if anyone else tries to hold him while I’m there, he cries and cries and reaches out for me.  His father even tried feeding him oatmeal one morning last week so that I could sleep in a bit.  It was working out fine until he saw me.  He only wanted me to feed him his oatmeal then he wanted to nurse.  Once he nurses he is just fine but don’t mess with him otherwise.

8-9am-this is our time to get ready to run.  Most days I have to be out the door by 9am for our run because we usually have commitments starting around 10:30-11am.  If my run doesn’t happen around this time then we have to wait until after our commitments or it doesn’t happen.  Running not happening is not really an option so we usually get it over with early.  It’s tough because it’s also nap time for E so I have to choose sometimes between a two hour nap in his crib at home so that I can get stuff done or a one hour nap in the BOB while I run.  Either way, he gets a nap and I make the most out of my time.  It’s a win win!

9-10am-RUN or NAP!!  I love love LOVE running with E.  The BOB makes it effortless.  Emmett loves it and I love having a running buddy for the first time ever.  The toughest part of running with him is knowing how to dress him.  Because it’s usually pretty chilly in the morning, there’s a lot of bulk and I don’t think he always is the happiest baby with all the blankets and the snowsuit I stuff him in.  If we stay home and he naps in his crib, I have time to study for my ACE Health Coach exam.  I’m taking this exam on Tuesday next week and it can’t come soon enough.  I can’t WAIT to be done with this so that I can have more me time when my baby does nap.  I feel like my life will change once this exam is over with and I no longer have to study for it or take any waking moment I have to study.  I hope to blog a lot more too!

10-11am-sometimes we’ll run after this if E takes a nap at home but usually I take this time to get ready.  I usually take a shower at this time and nurse E again so that he can be happy for a bit while I get ready for the day.

11am-12:30ish-We usually go play with friends at this point.  Our favorite activity is to go to book babies at the library.  The public library around here has a program at all the libraries where there is a leader that sings songs and we read books with the babies.  We also usually meet friends from birth class there and it’s a great time for them to play together and get some socializing in.  I think this is crucial for E because it allows him to be around kids his own age.  After the program the kids get to play together and the moms get to socialize.

12:30ish-4ish-This is our toughest time of day.  We come home and E and I have lunch together.  E is usually very happy at this time but also extremely tired because we’ve been out and playing.  He will usually sleep anywhere from an hour to 3 hours at this time but there is just no consistency.  I can never count on anything.  These last two weeks have been a real challenge for us because E just isn’t happy when he wakes up from his naps.  I’m hoping this is just a phase but you never know with babies.  I have to be honest though, I do love when he won’t sleep for more than 30 min. and I go in, I pick him up, and bring him out into the living room and we snuggle.  Sometimes I’ll hold him for over an hour while he sleeps on my chest.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world.  It makes me so incredibly happy.  I love feeling his little chest on mine as he sleeps soundly.  I know my days doing this are limited so I close my eyes, smell in his sweet baby smell and relish in the fact that my baby is still a tiny mite that will snuggle with me.

4ish or when ever E wakes up-we take the dog out for a walk if we haven’t already.  I plop the baby into the Ergo and we go.  I love wearing Emmett and ever since I bought that Ergo I wear him a lot more.  It’s so much easier on my back and I wish I had gotten it months ago.  Baby wearing is awesome and I also know that my days are limited with doing this.  E will usually fall asleep on our walks even if he has taken a great nap prior to that.  I don’t mind and will sometimes extend our walks if he’s asleep just to have more time with my little one asleep on me.

5ish or when we are done with our walk-this is the time to either pick daddy up at work and get out and about in the car or make some dinner.  If E is happy I can set him up in his highchair and feed him cheerios or peas while I cook or I will wear him on my back in the Ergo and that will keep him happy to an extent.  He likes being in front much better because he can’t see around me when I’m chopping.  He always wants to know what’s going on so I don’t wear him on my back very often.

6pm-we eat!  Daddy is home and E is getting sleepy but we all eat as a family.  We usually do this until about 6:30 or 7.

6:30 and on-We give E a bath every other night to every 3rd night because we noticed that he was starting to get really dry skin.  I asked the doc. about this and she said it was because we were giving him a bath every night.  We have since decreased his baths and his skin has gotten much better.  It’s nice on the nights we give him a bath because he usually is a much happier baby and it’s an activity to help pass the time.

7pm-8pm-this is bed time!  I nurse E right before he goes to bed and we sometimes read him a story if he hasn’t started rubbing his eyes yet.  It he is rubbing his eyes then forget the book.  He doesn’t mess around with his bed time.  He went through a period about a month ago where we’d put him down and then he’d wake up about an hour to two hours afterwords sobbing.  We’d go in, calm him down, then he’d be fine for the rest of the night. Maybe he was teething?  He’s since stopped doing this and now goes down at 7pm and we don’t see him again until 7am.  This has been a life changer.  We have also started putting in a few toys for him to find and play with in the morning when he wakes up.  I have no clue when he actually wakes up but sometimes I hear him playing with his toys earlier than 7.  This will keep him occupied and allows mom and dad an extra hour of sleep.

And that’s it!  That is a day in the life of a 9 month old!  We are really happy and I couldn’t ask for a better schedule.  Even the “tough” days aren’t that tough.  I absolutely love everything about my life now.  I have wanted to be a mom since I was 2 so this really is my job come true.  Too bad I don’t get paid 🙂


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