9 months

I thought that 8 months sounded so old when I was taking the photos and now, here we are, 9 months.  Now, 9 months sounds “old” to me :(.  I’m trying so hard to just enjoying each and every single passing day with my baby.  I’m trying REALLY hard to now believe that 9 months sounds so young to me rather than thinking that it sounds old, because really, let’s be honest here, 9 months is still very small.  Luckily my boy is still a baby and I realized that this past month so I’ve been doing everything in my power to make sure I hold him, snuggle him, sleep with him, and play with him as much as possible to really embrace this time and never look back and think, “gee, I wish I would have enjoyed that time a little more” or “I wish I would had held him more when he was little”.  I will never look back and think that because I’m really trying hard to do all of these things right now with him.

Emmett has started doing some really cool things since turning 9 months.  His development has just sort of exploded lately.  He is so much fun now.  Not that he wasn’t fun before, but he’s REALLY fun now.  He is no longer a needy, whiny baby.  He does prefer to be held still on some days but he can also entertain himself for much longer stints at a time.  He has been clapping for a while now but he also has started sharing things with us (giving us blocks if we ask for them), pulling up on things to get to an almost standing position, ARMY crawling (not too much longer before he becomes really mobile!), sitting in his crib, sitting when he doesn’t want to be laying on his back or tummy, eating chunks of solid foods rather than purees and the biggest one…He is consistently sleeping through the night!  Now, we know this last one could change at the drop of a hat, but we’re enjoying every single second of it right now.  He’s also getting some new teeth.  He has had those two bottom ones for sometime now but he’s getting his top two teeth now.  The top left tooth has been poking through for over a month but it’s finally starting to make it’s final decent.

Also over this past month we have been going to several play groups.  We now have two consistent playgroups that we go to each week.  We do bookbabies at the library every Thursday with some friends from birth class, bookbabies at another library on Friday which E seems to prefer, and I joined a group called MOD moms which we meet at someone’s house every Friday afternoon for play dates with our kids.  All the groups have an over abundance of little girls so E really is the ladies man when we’re at our play dates.  I have learned that E is NOT a happy camper when he’s either really tired or really hungry.  I have learned this the hard way.  He gets extremely fussy and is almost inconsolable.  He is really no fun when he gets to this point but who is!?  I need to be better about making sure his belly is at least full when we go places.  He is also a pretty big talked at times.  His newest thing is humming and cooing.  This sounds like “hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmmmmmm”.  It’s so adorable!  He also says a lot of dadada and babababa.  When he wants to get someone’s attention he pretty much does anything from grunting to screaming.  He also has a bit of an aggressive side.  He know what he wants when he wants it.  For example, when we go to play groups with shakers, he freaks out when you even get your hand close to his shaker.  He balls his fists up and becomes really red and starts screaming!!  It’s very embarrassing and I’m not sure how to break him of this habit.  We tried getting to book babies early this past week to try and have some time before class started to share the shaker.  It didn’t work out too well.  This probably had something to do with the fact that he had received his 9 month shots the day before.  The day after shots is always a rough one.  We’ll keep working on it though.  Mama isn’t giving up!

Speaking of shots, yes, Emmett had a 9 month doctor’s appointment this past month!  He has only had a handful to it’s always fun to go and check in.

He is 19.8lbs which puts him in the 25% for weight and he’s 28in. which puts him in the 50% for height.  He’s stayed very constant throughout his checkups never going below 25% or above 50%.  We call him our little square since he’s almost perfectly proportioned like his mommy and daddy (sorry not bragging, just how we were made!).  The doctor’s talked about which foods we can start introducing as well.  Emmett has yet to meet a food he doesn’t like.  I love this because neither his pops nor his ma are picky eaters.  I’m not saying he won’t become picky but so far he’ll shovel anything in that piehole.  I love watching him eat.  He is so good at his pincer grip.  While he does miss about 50% of the time, I still love it when he tries.

It’s also very easy to take him to restaurants.  I know most people warned us that it would be very difficult to take him out once he hit the 6 month mark but for us it has been the opposite experience.  Now that he can sit in a highchair and feed himself.  We order fruit, steamed veggies, or bring our own stuff and he will feed or entertain himself the entire time.  Yesterday Chad and I went to breakfast and he had fruit and chicken. Meat is a new one for Emmett.  He seems to even enjoy that!  We can very lucky.

I’m still breast feeding him 5-6 times per day.  I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to have been able to do this for as long as I have.  Most women only make it 3-6 months.  I’m planning on breastfeeding until he’s at least a year and then maybe dropping the daytime feedings and only feed him morning and evening.  I’m a bit nervous for this transition but I’m also pretty excited to get my body back to myself.

And there you have it!  My perfectly petite tiny mite is 9 months old!  He is also no longer the baby on the Baudoin side as my sister and brother-in-law welcomed their daughter Chloe Christine yesterday afternoon!  We know the two will become fast friends 🙂  Happy 9 months my little bumble bee!


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