The first day of the rest of my life

Doesn’t everyone say that at some point or another?  So seeing as how it’s January 7th, I decided to stick with my resolutions of making the most out of every single day so last night when the cleaning lady texted and said that she needed to come today or no day Chad asked me what time worked for me.  I usually say “Any time after 11am” because that gives me time to poop around the house all morning and give E a chance to nap.  I decided to have the cleaning lady come at 9am so that it would NOT give me the opportunity to waste another second.  So, what did we do?!  Well, E has been sleeping great lately so he slept til about 7:20am this morning.  When he got up, we got up and didn’t stop.  I made sure to make him some solid food today since he didn’t get any yesterday.  He ate a hearty breakfast of banana, applesauce, barley and cinnamon.  I also got my breakfast ready so that I could eat it after my run today.  After breakfast I bundled him up, got my donation clothes that have been sitting in the front room for over 2 weeks now, packed up the dog and we all headed to the park.  When we got to the park I decided to run 4 miles on my own then get the dog and finish up our exercise.  Sweet, 10am and already I have finished my run, the baby has napped (in the BOB) and the dog has had her exercise!  This NEVER happens!!  I swear I could have given up right there and been perfectly content with how my day finished up.  But I didn’t stop there.  Ok let’s stop the fun and excitement.  I have had these clothes forever so I finally drove over to the donation shop to get rid of them.  It felt so amazing to get rid of them but also I had a sense of sadness.  As my husband reminded me, “you aren’t sad to be getting rid of the clothes, you are sad to be getting rid of the clothes that memories are associated with.  You will always have those memories.”  It helped to hear that and I also had to remind myself that yes, I did get rid of those clothes and there’s a great chance I’ll never see them again but they will be enjoyed by someone else rather than just sit in my closet untouched.  At least they’ll be showcased in a second time shop if nothing else.  After the drop off we went to the Starbucks around the corner so that I could nurse E and get a coffee.  I love Starbucks because you know exactly what you’ll get every time.  I also love the ambiance of a coffee shop.  There is just something so soothing about a coffee shop.  Just so relaxing.  It’s the one place you can just go to and people watch for hours and never get bored.  In fact, I think I should add that to my list of things to explore in Denver.  Visit a new coffee shop with E every week.  It’s on the blog so I have to do it.  Anyways, after our Starbucks visit we went to the grocery store to pick up some food for E.  I wore the Ergo for the first time at the grocery store and let me tell you, unbelievable.  Love.  That’s all I have for this product.  Emmett seemed happy and we made faces and laughed at each other the entire time he was in the Ergo.  It was fabulous.  I’m sure everyone and anyone who saw me with my son thought we were insane but I didn’t even care.  When I look at that baby, all I see is him.  When we are together it’s just us with no one else around.  When we got home I fed him and tried to put him down but he just wouldn’t budge so we spent the remainder of our time together today cooking dinner for Chad and having Emmett hang out in the Ergo.

This evening I did something completely out of the ordinary and went to my first hot yoga in over 20 months.  I received a ton of hot yoga gift cards for my birthday and Christmas so I was able to go to a class tonight with my friend Taylor.  Um, can I just say this class is unreal?!  The room is heated to about 110 degrees and you just sweat for 90 minutes straight.  I am so excited to incorporate this exercise into my weekly routine.  Unfortunately, the classes are very expensive so I’ll be limited to one class a week but I’m really excited about it!  I’m hoping it will improve my running.

When I got home E was ready to eat and go to bed.  While he didn’t really nap today, we still had a great day and daddy had a great time playing with E while I was at hot yoga.  Now I’m settling in for my allotted TV time while also blogging.  I can’t help it.  I’m addicted.


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