Because I have to start somewhere

Just because I made us get out of the house today to have material for the blog, I’m going to blog about it!

Today was the first (out of many to come) day where I decided I’m done with the mundane.  I told my husband that we’ve got to be more proactive in making everyday count because I’m sick of looking back on days that have passed and having none of them stick out.  It could have been super easy today to sit around all day long while Emmett took intermittent naps and we napped and watched television.  But I’m done.  That’s ok to do every once in a while but we can’t make a habit out of it!  Geez!  Our son is 8 months old already and I have started noticing that he’s becoming more and more independent and while yes, this is a good thing, we can’t take for granted anymore days moving forward.  We have got to embrace and cherish each and every second we are with our BABY!  I use the term baby because while he is growing older, he is still a baby (thank goodness).  So what did we do with our little bundle of joy today?…

We first woke up and did our morning thing.  Now this, I don’t feel as though is ever a waste of time.  We wake up on most days between 7-8am and immediately get coffee and nurse.  This is quiet time and I rarely turn the television on at this time.  I drink my coffee and read blogs, Emmett nurses.  We did this routine this morning too.  This is something that I never ever take for granted because during my maternity leave I did this too.  I went back to work in August and this time was striped from me and all I could think about the entire 30 days that I had to work was how badly I missed my morning time with Emmett.  So this day started as it always does and I think I’ll keep it.  Emmett can usually only stay awake for about 2 hours after he first awakes so he was ready to go back to sleep at around 8:30-9am this morning.  When this happened I decided to squeeze in a run.  I decided on yesterdays run that I would, on the weekends, take a new route.  Because Sadie has been getting like no walks these days (more on how that’s going to change later), I decided yesterday that she was going to get a good long run in.  So I did it.  I took her 4 miles today and 4 miles yesterday.  The change that I made and decided that I would start doing differently was that on the remainder of my run (I don’t feel comfortable running Sadie more than 4 miles with me b/c of her back and joints) I would go someplace completely different than I normally do.  When I jog with Emmett, we have to go on smooth surfaces so most of the time we go on the same 4 or 5 routes so as not to jiggle his head around in the stroller but on the weekends Chad watches him and I run solo.  So I decided to just go where ever I felt like!  This is pretty cool because I pretty much lost all sense of where I was while I was staring at different houses I’d never seen and running on streets I’d never run down.  It was awesome!  I remember very distinctly that there was a run this summer I took downtown before anyone had awoken.  This run stands out to me because it’s a route I’d never run before.  Downtown, while people were just starting to rise.  It was exhilarating and I want to bring that back if even just two days a week on my weekends.  It’s so worth it and it is now going to be a goal for me.  So I did that to break up the mundane parts of my run.  It was helpful because while running I was also listening to my book on tape “The Happiness Project”.  What a rush!

After getting home I was starving.  I have pretty much been eating the same breakfasts now for about 2-3 months.  Today I broke out the eggs and veggies and had that for breakfast.  Afterwards I told Chad “We need to do something different today like go to a park”.  Chad thought that was a dumb idea as it’s cold out and E wouldn’t really get that much enjoyment from it anyways because, after all, he’s only 8 months old 🙂  So we got in the car and went antiquing/thrift store shopping.  We didn’t even buy anything but it was the fact that we were getting out and doing something totally different than we normally do on Sundays.  It was fun to get out because we talked to a few people and got some really cool ideas to use for our next house.  When we got home we had a date with our neighbors for visiting and dessert so we went over there and I got to hold their sweet baby Edie Grey.  She is so tiny and officially 1 month old today.  Emmett looks like a giant compared to her.  We only stayed for about an hour because Emmett was rubbing his eyes and starting to get a tad bit fussy so we knew he needed a nap.  He didn’t fight it when we got home but unfortunately the dog woke him up about 30 minutes in.  I did something I’ve been trying to do all week with that kid.  I thought he was over this and would never let me do this with him ever again but today he indulged me.  I picked him up, brought him out on the couch with me and snuggled with him.  He fell asleep on my chest and I basically died.  I used to be so resistant to let him sleep in our arms or with us because I didn’t want him to get used to sleeping with someone then not going into his crib.  Now I miss that he can just fall asleep in your arms and I’m now slowing realizing that time is buzzing by us and that my moments to enjoy my son sleeping on my chest or in my arms are slowly slipping away.  I want to cherish each and every last moment I can with him so today he slept cuddled up with me.  I can’t even begin to describe what my heart went through in these moments.  I didn’t want the time to end and I promise you, there will be more naps in our future where we are together, him asleep in my arms.

Because every good moment must come to an end, it was time for us to go purchase what could easily be the best purchase I’ve ever made.

I’m going to say it now, this small piece of fabric is going to change the course of my life.  Big statement?  Yes, it is.  But I have no doubt that this will change my life.  I found one that was $50 on craigslist last week and was hesitant to purchase it.  I kept looking for a better deal then finally realized that I didn’t want to wait any longer.  If I kept waiting then Emmett would outgrow it by the time I get a great deal on one.  They are usually $120 so I feel like $50 was a pretty good compromise.  The second I put it on I felt like I was in heaven.  This thing is so different from the Bjorne.  Because the baby is so close to you, your back doesn’t die every time you try and wear your baby.  Soooo what does this mean?  Snoopy gets more walks and I’m going to start making more dinners for my little family because I’ll have a baby who can nap ON me and I will also have two hands and a back that doesn’t hurt all the time.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it!  After picking up the Ergo, we went to Chipotle for dinner.  It’s getting a bit challenging to take E out but I have figured out that as long as I bring puffs, peas and cheerios with me, he is busy and entertained.  He sits quietly and enjoys just being a part of action.  After finishing our dinner we packed up and headed home.  I sat in back with Emmett and sang songs to him because for whatever reason he really doesn’t like the dark.  And ya know what?  I really love being back there with him.  Any extra minute I can sneak in with him I’m happy about!  I love that little boy so much and singing to him was just another highlight of my day today.  I want to start doing more of that too.  I am not sure whether or not he likes when I sing to him but I enjoy it.  We had a rough time putting him to bed tonight but I don’t even mind that anymore.  It just means extra time to stare into his little eyes and rock him to sleep.  I get to feel his little body slowly give into sleep as he becomes heavy in my arms.  Sometimes I just sit and rock him well past the time that I need to because I know that I can’t get that time back.  No regrets.  I will never regret rocking my baby 30 extra minutes.  Never.

As challenging as it was getting him to sleep tonight, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Not an easier night, not a night without him, not a single night.  I hope to have many more of these posts and while it may not seem like we did much today, I was happy.  It wasn’t monumental or really even noteworthy but because I took advantage of every minute I could with my boy, I can go to sleep tonight knowing that I didn’t waste a single second today.


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