Quiet Morning

Thank goodness for a baby that will go back to sleep when overly exhausted.  This past weekend was pretty trying with him.  Yesterday we went over to our friends for brunch so Emmett didn’t get a morning nap.  He fought it tooth and nail in fact.  He was very content in his car seat while we all gobbled down our breakfast burritos.  He didn’t even make a sound, just watched us eat. While I am not upset at that, it does make for a longer than usual day.  We headed our to run errands after brunch and then to my folks house.  I thought he’d go right down for a nap once we arrived but he had other plans which went well into the evening hours.  All in all, I think Emmett took about two 20 min. naps yesterday.  He was super grumpy and didn’t go down until 9pm last night.  The good news is that he slept until about 5:30ish this morning.  That’s a good 8 hours of sleep.  We pacified him until 6:30, at which point I got up with him and fed him.  I didn’t know it at the time, but after I was done feeding him he went back to sleep and is STILL sleeping!  It’s now 7:46 and I’m loving my quiet morning!!  Here is what I’ve been up to with my extra hour and 45 minutes…

Now, if only he would do this everyday…Sigh.


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