Weekend in Review

Happy Sunday!  This weekend has been so great.  It has been the perfect mix of friends, family and down time with a little out and about action here and there too.  I had been feeling a bit down last week due to the lack of activity in my life.  I always feel a bit down after leaving my best friends (NYC weekend) so last week was a bit of a let down.  I have been pretty busy with Junior League stuff lately but last week was the first week in months were I didn’t have a single thing lined up during the day or evening.  It was great at first but by the time Wednesday hit I started to feel pretty down.  Not to worry!  Friday night was a huge pick me up!  We met up with some friends at the local KU bar to watch the KU game.

They had a seat reserved for us and we were right up front and personal with the TV!  I had my mom meet up with us and Chad and I also got some much needed help with E man.  We stayed until about 7:30ish (got there around 6) because a certain someone had to go home and go to bed.  Chad also had a broomball game to attend at around 9:30 so he had to go to that.  Meanwhile I was super tired and went to bed at 9.  It felt great.  Emmett was up twice Friday into Sat. morning.  Once at 11:30ish when Chad went and checked on him and then again at 4am.  Luckily he somehow entertained himself back to sleep at 4 so we all got to sleep until about 6:30 or so on Saturday.

Saturday mornings are always my favorite because daddy is home with us.  It’s great because I get to run by myself too.  After feeding Emmett some applesauce and a carrot, he was ready to go down for a nap.  After he went down I went on a nice 7 mile jog without a baby stroller!  Pure bliss.  I swear I’m about 1,000 times faster than I used to be.  It started snowing on and off during my run and I was glad to be done with it.  When I got home Emmett woke up and we all got ready for the day.  We headed to sprouts because we needed groceries for Saturday nights dinner.  We ended up having Taylor, Jacob, Cindy and Ryan over.  Cindy and Ryan (Cindy is the one we surprised last weekend in NYC) are thinking about moving to CO and were here this weekend to scope it out.  We invited all of them over along with my mom for stuffed bison acorn squash and salad with pumpkin custard dessert.  I wish I could have taken a picture of our plates.  The meal ended up being pretty great.  If I had it to do over, I think I would have cooked the squash covered and less time.  The insides (bison/rice/cranberries) was a little dry but it all turned out fine just the same.   My mom brought the dessert and man was it good!  If I think about it, I’ll post the recipe for the acorn squash later this week!  All in all the evening was great.  Again, no pictures 😦  How can I become a better picture taker!?  If I want to blog I need to learn how to take my camera out!  Anyways, It’s now Sunday morning and I did capture my favorite thing to do on Sunday morning…

Hope all your Sunday’s are filled with fun, laughter and relaxation!  We are now off to Taylor and Jacobs for brunch and one last visit with CP and Ryan before they head back to NY then off to my parents house for some pumpkin mac and cheese!

And I leave you with Emmett’s new favorite toy/activity…


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