Worry much!?

I wish I could say that Emmett has been the best sleeper ever from day 1.  I remember even when we brought him home from the hospital I thought he was a great sleeper.  The first 2 weeks were a tad rough with him waking every 3 hours or so but after that he slept 5-6 hour stretches.  His typical bed time was around 9-10 and he always sleep until 3am or so.  Then it changed.  He started sleeping 7-8 hour stretches at around 8-10 weeks old.  Hallelujah!  This was awesome especially when we’d go to bed with him.  Then when I went back to work he started sleeping 10ish hour stretches.  That was at 3 months.  Everything was going on the up and up until we hit 4ish months.  Rather than waking up once a night to put the paci. back in his mouth, we started waking up between 3-8 times a night.  It got a little out of hand.  Then at 5 months we noticed that he started getting some teeth so we blamed the frequent wakeups on teething.  So what am I worried about now?  Emmett is 6 months and 2 weeks and he has started rolling over to sleep on his tummy!

Three nights ago was when we really noticed it.  We kept waking up only to find him on his stomach and turn him over.  Every time we turned him over, he’d flip right back onto his tummy.  The next night was much better. He slept on his back/side for 11 hours straight.  Last night was a totally different story.  We put him down on his back and some how between the hours of 7-8pm last night, he decided to flip over during his sleep.  When I turned the monitor on to check on him, low and behold, he was on his tummy sound asleep.  I had two options.  1. keep him that way or 2. flip him and run the risk of him becoming very upset with me, waking up, and needing to be soothed aka fed.  I chose option 1 and kept one eye on the monitor the whole night.  Not fun.  With all that the doc’s tell you about SIDS and babies sleeping on their backs, it can really make a mama worried!  He ended up sleeping on his tummy until about 3:30am.  May I remind you that most of the time spent on his tummy, his face was buried or rather face planted into the mattress.  UGH!  I suppose he eventually self corrected himself because he was always breathing when I’d check on him.  Let’s just say I’ll be excited for this stage to either be done with or for him to turn 1!


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