Last weekend I took some time for myself and headed to NYC with 4 of my dearest friends to surprise our friend CP.

Yes, she’s a crazy one and that’s why I became friends with her.  So a little background was that for my baby shower that my friends threw for us back in June, CP was unable to leave NYC due to weather.  We kept holding out hope on that Friday but as it got later and later here in CO, it was also getting later and later in NYC.  I think around 11pm we received the text saying she wasn’t coming 😦  The next day we started brain storming ideas on when we could go surprise her in NYC to sort of do a “makeup” reunion/baby

shower type thing (only she’s a bachlorette so it would be a makeup reunion/bachlorette party).  Well, as you all are WELL aware of there was this thing that happened in NYC and along the Easter seaboard called hurricane Sandy that was trying to impede our plans.  Luckily our flights weren’t until November 3 which was the Friday after it all went down but regardless, it was a very stressful week trying to figure out if people from Dallas, Kansas, DC, and Colorado were all going to be able to attend.  Luckily the only real snafu was that me and Taylor’s flight was delayed an hour and our friend Emily who was coming from DC had a much longer than anticipated subway ride because most of the lines were still closed.  We all made it by about 6pm on Friday night, just in time for the surprise at 7pm.

We met at a restaurant in Brooklyn then walked to our Airbnb (Kiran, I promise I haven’t forgotten about paying you!).  The Airbnb was super nice.  We had a complete blast getting ready for the surprise.  Basically our friend Em said that her husband was having a conference in NYC but it had gotten “canceled” and they still had a place to stay and didn’t want to lose the money so they were still planning on coming so they invited CP over to having drinks Friday night to get her to come over.  She begrudgingly said yes and the rest is history.

We pulled off the surprise without a hitch and it was great.  The rest of Friday was pretty low key, drinking wine, chatting, ordering Thai food and just enjoying being around each other.  Saturday we all got up slowly, drank endless cups of coffee, then headed out for breakfast at a place called Moutarde.

I think we were all pretty starving and to call it breakfast is a stretch.  It was 1pm by the time we sat down and ordered our food.

I was SO hungry and gobbled up an omelet.   After breakfast we walked back and pretty much started drinking for the rest of the afternoon into early evening.  We got ready then started giving CP her gifts.

After the gift giving was complete, we decided to head out to dinner.  I was so hungry, I was about to eat my arm off.  I don’t know how those NYCer’s do it.  Cindy was telling us that on Saturday’s and Sunday’s she gets up, does coffee, eats brunch and then eats dinner then goes to bed.  Here in CO we are used to getting up early, going on hikes or runs, being outside all day, eating trail mix and cliff bars, having 3 square meals, climbing a 14er then going to bed at 9.  That’s my schedule 🙂  So this whole 2 meals a day thing while drinking in between and having no snacks was a little rough on my system.  Anyways, we went to a great Mexican restaurant called Pacifico.

We had a fabulous time drinking red sangria and eating chips with queso and guac.  My food was fantastic.  I ordered what I always get, fajitas and they were pretty good.  One thing I noticed or rather have always known about NY is that you don’t get what you pay for.  When I get fajitas just about anywhere else in the country it comes will all the fix’ins like at least rice, beans, salsa, guac. and sour cream on the side.  These came with none of that.  I’m sure if I had said I’d pay extra these items would have been included but that’s such a huge pet peeve of mine.  I’m just glad we ordered (yes ordered, the chips and salsa didn’t come with the meal) the apps before dinner or I would have still been hungry!  Are we sensing a theme here?  Lindsey is always hungry!?  After dinner we went back to our place and just hung out playing silly games like two truths and a lie.  I lost miserably both with others truths and lies and my own.  We went to bed relatively early and gained an hour because it was daylight savings!  Sweet!  We were all up pretty much by 8am the next day to have some coffee together and get some more hang out time before everyone departed.  Cindy T and I were the first to leave at 10am.  It was a quick trip for sure but I’m so glad it all worked out and everyone was able to make it.  I missed my baby like crazy but he was in great hands with his meme.  Meme even offered to take care of him AGAIN in a few weeks!  Bless her soul!  It’s hard work with this baby since he doesn’t nap and wakes up several times on any given night.  I definitely felt rested after coming home from NYC while I’m sure everyone else took a few days to recover.  I was able to sleep through the night without having to check on an infant 7 times 🙂  (he sleeps through the night most nights, it’s his mama that is paranoid and checks on him so much).

I love these girls so much and just wished we either all lived closer or could do these trips more often.  Maybe once all the kids are in school we can do it 2-3 times a year.  What do ya say girls?


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