17 Weeks and Mommy’s home!

Goodness, here we are again…Another week down in my sweet boys life.  I really, truly can’t believe it.   I feel like I say that in every week catch up post but geez.  It makes me so sad to think that we will never ever get these weeks back but it’s so much fun to see what he does that is a new “trick” every week.  It’s so bittersweet.  I miss my little boy who would just coo and lay down on a mat and be entertained on his own.  I also miss those massive naps he used to take so that I could get stuff down during the day.  However, I am thrilled that when my baby is awake all he does is smile and talk and move around.  He is so much more entertaining then he was just a month ago!  While he doesn’t take 5 naps a day, I can always depend on one massive nap that lasts around 2-3 hours.  This is my time.  I really have to utilize this time wisely because I never know when the next time is that I’ll get time to myself again.  I usually use this time to bake, blog, make dinner, clean the house, organize or study.  I’m studying to become a Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach through ACE and I’m finding it super challenging to study unless I’m nursing or E is sleeping.  I’m not going very fast but I’m trying.  I have no clue how mom’s or dad’s go to school with kids under a year.  I have contemplated going to nursing school but the thought of studying on someone else’s schedule terrifies me.  We’ll see.  I’ve talked about it for the past 4 years.  Maybe I should just suck it up and do it already!  We’ll see how the LWMC certification goes first…Anyways, onto our week!

Like I mentioned in my last post, last weekend we took Emmett down town and to a house warming party.  I’ll go ahead and start with Monday.  Monday was my first day as a real life stay at home mom.  I got to experience a little bit of this on maternity leave with weeks 1-12 home with my little boy and I also got to experience what it would be like to go back to work for 30 days from weeks 12-16.  I honestly can say both have their pros and cons.  I wish I could say I love working or I love staying at home but I just don’t know how to choose.  My work life experience was a bit skewed since at work I literally did nothing for the time I had to return.  It was a very stress free experience.  I got to read blogs, go running at lunch, go grocery shopping in the afternoons, leave whenever I wanted and go to lunch with whomever I wanted and I got to leave work whenever I wanted.  I was not accounted for and basically everyone just left me alone so I don’t think I had a good clear idea what work is supposed to be like as a mom.  That being said, I still was looking forward to Monday as a true stay at home mom.  All through maternity leave I worried about going back and it really did feel pretty good to know I never have to go back to that job again.  That being said, I’m excited to go back to some sort of job just glad to have been able to leave that one.  I can’t wait to get back into my passion which is exercise and fitness.

So, what did I do on Monday?  I caught up!  After being “gone” for a month I caught up on all the house hold chores that have been neglected since I’ve been back to work and in Kansas City.  I did 4 loads of laundry, I made a trip to the grocery store, I cooked dinner, I cleaned the house.  I unpacked from my trip, I organized a few things.  It felt so amazing to do the things that I did during maternity leave!  Ah, I felt so refreshed and excited to finally be home and have this as my new “job”.

Tuesday the cleaning ladies were supposed to come and they never showed.  I didn’t know they weren’t showing though.  I got up early for my normal 6am run and then came home and got ready to go over to my parents house for the day.  I had already decided before going to bed that I was going to take E to the pool.  We went swimming and then to Sunflower for some groceries to try out a new recipe.  Wednesday we finally got our drain fixed in our bathroom.  This thing has been leaking for weeks now and has been wasting gallons upon gallons of water per day.  It’s also made our home extremely humid.  Awesome.  Chad ended up staying home to talk to the plumber and the dude literally fixed it in about 3 minutes flat.  I also got E and we decided to go get one of Chad’s bday gifts and to the mall to look for a swimming suit for mommy.  Unfortunately I had no such luck.  Turns out most of the swim suits are all picked over in August and you have better luck buying winter coats than new swimming suits for your upcoming trip to Phoenix.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Thursday we were supposed to get some cable but for some reason our cable didn’t connect when the guy came out here to hook it up.  Boo!  So now we have to wait until MONDAY!  Ugh.  Emmett and I also met Chad downtown for some lunch at the Civic Center Park.  Apparently every Tuesday and Thursday the food trucks come out and entice people with their eats.  How did I not know about this!?  I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t because I think I would have gone every single Tuesday and Thursday.  Turns out this would not have been good for my waist line or our bank account.  You should see the variety of food these places have to offer!  Food truck food is some of the best street food out there.  We ended up splitting a steak sandwich and fries and then getting a cupcake for dessert to split.  When I got home I cooked yet another meal of fish tacos and I also had some fun making these for Chad’s co-workers. Look at me!  I’m just little miss Suzie Homemaker 🙂  I cooked a meal for our family every single night this week.  I feel so accomplished.  Chad should be proud.

Friday was a whole different animal.  Oh my goodness.  As my friend pointed out, being a stay at home mom is like any other job.  Monday you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week with a to do list out the window.  By Friday you are over it and question your ability to continue.  You are very ready for the weekend and some much needed relaxation time.  For the working adult the weekends mean a time to rejuvenate and catch up on sleep.  For the stay at home mom it means much needed relief and extra hands to help out so that you can have some alone time.  I absolutely love being home with my baby but some days are very challenging like Friday was.  The morning was great.  I love my morning routine with Emmett.  I get up at 6am to run.  When I get back, I nurse him.  Then we sometimes make daddy breakfast.  After we send daddy off, I sit E down on his play mat and he plays while I eat my own breakfast and finish up the remains of coffee.  After that E usually goes down for a 2 hour nap and that is my time to blog, write emails, study, clean, basically do whatever I want (at home, and within reason).  E did this on Friday and I studied and ate breakfast while he napped.  When he woke up is when everything sort of went down hill.  Once he woke up I knew I wanted to continue shopping for Chad’s bday gifts and run some errands to start on some organization type projects around the condo.  We quickly left the house and were able to get to the thrift store, the dollar store, K-Mart, and Target.  When we were driving to Target E had a bit of a melt down indicating that he was getting tired.  I started to panic and we did a quick 5 min. spin around Target then headed home.  On the way home E fell asleep for about 5 minutes in the car.  Unfortunately that was enough of a “nap” for him not to want to sleep the rest of the day.  We got home around 1pm from our errands and I was super excited to continue studying and blogging.  E of course had other plans for me.  No dinner was made, no studying got done, no blog posts got posted.  I did however manage to make a lovely birthday cake for Chad!

By the time Chad got home, I was so worn out with trying to bake and entertain my 17 week that I told him I was starting to question my ability to be a stay at home mom after the afternoon we had.  My friend Taylor made a very good point about this.  Being a stay at home mom is just like any other job.  You feel refreshed and ready to go back to it on Monday and by the time Friday rolls around you’re over it and want to quit and are so ready for the weekend.  As long as I look at my new line of work like this, we’ll all be ok.

Happy 17 weeks!


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