Up all night

I’m up right now.  It’s 1:28am and I can’t sleep.  You’re probably thinking, oh yeah, well that’s a normal part of life with a 4 month old.  No, it’s not.  Not in this house hold.  I’m awake because I had too much wine earlier in the night on a fabulous date night with my husband and now my blood sugar levels are all out of whack.  This used to be a pretty normal feeling on any given weekend back before we had kids but when you are a parent this feeling is scary and annoying.  Scary because your body feels like it’s being eaten from the inside out from static cling or something.  Annoying because I know that regardless of how long I intend to sleep in tomorrow, my little man will most likely have other plans for me.  Wine and sugar…my best friends, my worst enemies.


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