Fun filled weekend

Ah, I can finally take a deep breath and start posting daily rather than these ginormous overwhelming weekly update posts.  I suppose we’ll start where we left off.  I left you all with last Friday.  Moving onto the weekend…

Saturday’s and Sundays are favorite days around here, especially now that I am not working.  This means that I can take my long runs usually averaging about 10 miles on one of the weekend days.  During the week days I still get up early, 6am, to get in about 6 miles or so.  The weekends also mean sleeping in or not waking up with an alarm clock.

After I finished my run we decided it would be a great idea to get cable.  My husband has been talking about getting cable for over a year now and I was going to get this for him for his birthday but Chad has a great way of ruining every single gift idea I have and getting things for himself a few weeks before his birthday.  So I caved and we went to grab some cable.  It gets turned on this Thursday and I have said that if I become a hermit and never leave the house, the cable must go.  There is something I noticed when walking into the cable store.  We were considered the minority.  Now is it just me or does it feel strange that people who look like the last thing they can afford is cable are purchasing cable!  I mean we are talking close to homeless looking people in there waiting to buy their cable.  It seems absurd to me.  I shared my observations with Chad and he told me basically cable to most people is a necessity above buying groceries.  Really!?  Ok, weird.  We are doing a trial run for about 6 months and we’ll reassess after that.  After getting our cable we went downtown to catch an arts and crafts fair on the 16th street mall.  We also got side tracked.

Anyways, back to our weekend.  We also found some street music that we liked and listened to for a bit then I decided I had to go here.  Over the past few days I’ve had a bit of an addiction to frozen yogurt.  It’s funny, when I used to go prior to getting pregnant, I wanted nothing more than frozen yogurt covered in all the chocolatey candy one could find.  These days I go and all I want is the frozen yogurt plus maybe some fruit like strawberries, some granola and some blueberries.  I have no clue what happened!  Even though all my aversions are gone, I still just want the pure smooth creaminess of yogurt.  Anyways, after satisfying my addiction (and Chad’s too…He had to have Jelly Belly’s), we went home to get ready for a bbq house warming party for this girl.

It was really nice.  Delicious food and beverages and I got to see my mama again!  She gave me two tops that look great with stretch pants.   Thanks again ma!This was the only picture of me and Chad at the party, our backs.  I have no clue who that dude is who is actually looking at the camera.

After the party we went home and called it a night pretty early.  Sunday’s we usually go over to my parents for diner and lounging but we decided to nix it this Sunday since my mom was fairly busy over the weekend and we’d seen her already twice.  We decided to meet up with Taylor and Jacob for Jazz in the Park.  First I started my Sunday off with a 10 mile run (2.5 of which were run with our pup).  After I was done with my run Chad and I literally didn’t move from the couch the entire afternoon.  We watched TV and I actually took a nap with Emmett on my chest for about 45 minutes.  It felt amazing.  We decided to get Chipotle for dinner because we just didn’t feel like making anything.  Somethings going out is just easier!  We need to start asking for gift cards to places like these specifically for nights like this.  We drove over to City Park where Jazz in the Park is usually held and it was unusually quite.  We decided to park a little closer than we usually do and got great parking!  As we started walking over the park was completely desolate.  We were wondering what was going on so Chad googled it and turns out that August 5th was the last Jazz in the Park for the summer.  So we texted T and J and told them we’d just be having wine in the park instead.  We all met up and brought our food and had a wonderful Sunday night picnic with Pandora. We came home and decided it was still early so we rented a movie off Amazon called Friends with Kids.  It was decent.  After that we were pretty tuckered out so we called it a night and went to bed.





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