The lake, sickness, ENDING work and 16 weeks!

Saturday morning we woke up and I decided it was time for a run!  Linda told me that around the lake is exactly 4.25 miles.

Perfect!  It was pretty nice out so I started around 9am for my first 4.25 miles.  Once I finished that I headed back to the house to see if my brother wanted to join me for a second loop around the lake.  To my surprise he was totally in!  This is the second time I’ve ever run with my brother and it was awesome! I’m not sure he’d say the same but he did thank me over and over after it was done for getting him up and making him go on a run…You are welcome Chad!  When we got back the house cleared out and Charlie took my dad to the dog park and my mom and Linda went on a walk.  Chad and I made eggs and toast for breakfast and enjoyed some coffee on the porch.  A little while later everyone came back and joined us.  We decided it was probably about time to head down to the other lake, Lake of the Ozarks, where we were meeting the family.  I think we finally got in the car around 3pm.  Emmett slept the entire way to the lake!

He is SUCH an amazing traveler.  I know I keep saying that but I’m truly amazed at how good this little guy is!  Once we got to the lake we basically just sat around all night with each other talking, playing with Emmett, eating and enjoying eachother’s company.  E and I were in bed by about 11pm.

Again, another fabulous night of sleep for my baby.  He didn’t wake up again until almost 10:30am!

Sunday was very cloudy for part of the day so a lot of time was spent inside.  I went for a nice long 7 mile run in the morning.  Later we all headed down to the doc. to enjoy some swim time and seadoo time.  I rode around for a while but then got pretty bored.  I didn’t know where to go!  Later that night we had a nice family dinner and sat outside making each other laugh.  I only wish I had taken a video of what we were talking about.  Let’s just say my husband would have rolled his eyes and gone inside wanting little to do with everyone involved.

Monday we woke up and Kim started making a huge breakfast of cheesy eggs, chipped beef, and ham with tomato slices.  SO GOOD.  But before I dove into such a heavy breakfast I went on another 7 mile run.  It rained on me but it felt really good.  When I got home I showered and packed and then scarfed my food down because this was the morning we had chosen to scatter grandma’s ashes.  The whole family went down to the dock to help scatter the ashes.  Everyone in my family and in Kim’s family got their hands into the bag of ashes to put some in the water.  Jay’s family just watched but we all were down there.  It was the most beautiful, peaceful, cathartic experience.  When the ashes touched the water they didn’t float or sink right away but rather turned into this ghost like substance in the water with an era-descent color.  It wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen before.  I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it all.

Once we got back upstairs I found these guys asleep with my baby boy.

I let him (and them) sleep a little while longer while I finished getting ready.  This is where things took a turn for the worst.  I had felt some really bad breast tenderness starting on Friday night once we got back to Linda and Charlie’s but didn’t think much of it…maybe a clogged duct in my breast?  It didn’t get any better on Saturday and it had been extremely painful to breast feed.  Again, I didn’t think much of it.  By Monday it was still painful to breastfeed but after I got home from my run and ate breakfast I started to feel like I was coming down with the flu or something.  I figured it was because I had eaten my breakfast too quickly but after still feeling nauseous hours later, I knew something was wrong.  I was driving us home from the lake when we stopped for gas and I had to change drivers.  I was dizzy and felt like I was going to vomit every 10 minutes.  I tried eating a yogurt but that almost just made it worse.  I know when I’m really sick when I don’t eat.  I couldn’t get anything down the rest of the day.  By the time we had gotten to the airport I was so sick I could barely get myself checked in.  Thank the good lord that my mom was on my flight with me home.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  She held E the entire way home and then also wore him in the Bjorne through the Denver airport.  When we finally did get to the airport (after almost vomiting on the plane) we went to get our carseat and stroller.  we didn’t notice at the time but the carseat wouldn’t quite fit into the stroller but again, I was so sick I didn’t even care.  When we got down to the tram to get to baggage claim I opened up one of the pockets and noticed that none of my stuff was in it.  That’s when my mom exclaimed that I had the wrong stroller!  UGH!  Really!?  Today out of all days!?  My mom told me she’d go on to baggage claim to see if she could find it and I told her I’d go back to the gate to see if ours was still there.  Long story short, I went down to meet my mom at baggage claim and she had found the person who had walked off with our stroller.  Word to the wise, somehow, MARK your stuff that you gate check b/c clearly people don’t read the labels!  It could have turned into a much bigger mess!  I was so glad to have found that thing and to see my husband.  He picked us up, we took my mom home and I crashed hard once we were home.  I made a doc’s appointment for Tuesday and had already taken the day off to have to myself so it was actually perfect.  Because my in-laws were in town from the week before to take care of E while I went back to work for my last two weeks, they took him all day so that I could go to the doctor and just recovery by myself without having to take care of a little boy all day.  I went to the doc. around 10:30am and was there for a looong time waiting for the doc.  She finally came in and assessed me for 2.5 seconds and then told me that I had a case of mastitis.  I figured that was what it was.  She gave me an antibiotic in case it returned in the future but guess that it had started to clear itself on it’s own since I was already feeling better and it hadn’t hurt to breastfeed that morning.  I was a little hungrier today but not by much.  I had eaten an egg and some toast for breakfast and the only thing that sounded even remotely appetizing was a smoothie so after I got done with my doc’s appointment I headed strait to the grocery store for smoothie ingredients.  The first thing I did upon getting home was make myself a smoothie.  Holy cow.  Was this ever delicious.  Spinach, frozen fruit mix, frozen banana, almond milk and orange juice.  That’s all it took to make an amazing meal.  After laying on the couch for the better half of the day, I went to get my husband and we went over to my in laws place to get Emmett.  It was so good to see him after being away from him all day.  I really do miss him after a day away from him.

Wednesday I went back to work feeling 100% better.  I even woke up at 5am for an early morning run.  My co-worker thought it was somehow appropriate to leave work at 11am so I decided since I only had 3 days left that I would leave around 1:30pm.  I called my mom to see if she wanted to meet up for a pedicure and she was of course game 🙂  We also were starving so we had a snack at the cheesecake factory which was right next to the pedicure place.  After work pedicures with my mom we went over to my in laws place for some delicious stir fry.  We hung out for a bit then headed home to get our evening wound down since it takes an hour to prep everything for the next day.  Thursday was another super easy day for me at work and I ended up leaving early again.  We went over to my in laws again for some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup.  Afterwards we went to a frozen yogurt place that was near by.  It was super delicious, not to mention my second frozen yogurt for the day, first I which I went here.

Friday was my last day in the office.  I have been looking forward to this day for literally 3.5 years.  I think since day one I have hated this job so it was sort of a bittersweet ending.  Have you ever worked at a place that didn’t even acknowledge your leaving?  Yeah, that’s they type of place I worked at.  My boss didn’t even wish me well when I left.  Actually, no one did.  It’s the loneliest place I’ve ever worked at.  I may have to do a separate tangent post on this topic.  But seriously, I’ve never ever had a send off from a job like I did this one.  And by send off I mean not a single person came to say goodbye to me.  That’s ok because I came home to the people I love the most.  We had Chad’s parents, my mom and our friends Taylor and Jacob over for a feast of grilled chicken, steak medallions, salmon, Chinese chicken Cole slaw, and baked beans.  I made these for dessert and everyone went wild over them.  We served them with Vanilla Bean ice cream.  Yummy.  We also had a few glasses of wine to toast to my accomplishment and to the new chapter…becoming a stay at home mom!  Happy 16 weeks buddy!  I’m so excited to spend several months with you teaching you how to cook, going to play dates with you, doing lunch with you and much MUCH more.  I’m so glad I am given the privilege to spend this time with you.

My love.  My pride. My joy.


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