Good bye Great Grandma…15 weeks.

Not that I want to write about a funeral but it’s a fact of life.  People are born and people die.  I just feel fortunate enough to have had Emmett be able to meet his great grandmother before she passed away.

After seeing my aunt and mom off we decided to do something fun to get our minds off of the past events that were going on.  My roommate from when I was a lifty in Vail and her husband (he was also a lifty when we met him) asked us if we wanted to climb Mt. Evans with them and their 18 week old baby.  Because the two babies are so close in age we figured that if they were willing to bring their baby, why shouldn’t we bring ours!  Friday night we started having second thoughts about climbing a 14er with infants.  We texted back and forth trying to decide whether or not it was a good idea and all in all we decided to go for it.  We decided to meet at the base around 11am on Saturday.  On the way up I finally decided to start reading about high elevations and babies.  Everything I could find was warning against bringing babies up to higher than 11,000ft if the babies were younger than 3 months because their lungs may collapse but that if they were over 3 months than they’d be just fine.  This made me incredibly nervous and my husband chastised me about this since he was posing these questions the night before.  We had already paid the admission fee and were heading up so it was a little late to turn around.  We got up there and our friends met us shortly after.

We started our trek up the 14er…

At this point, the terrain changed into large rocks and boulders.  This was about the point that Chad said he no longer felt comfortable going up.  I was very relieved.  The babies were in their bjorne’s and I just thought that one little trip and the babies could be smashed.  Not worth it.  Amanda agreed and turned around with us while Shorty kept going.  We told him we’d meet him at the top.  We went back down to the car to grab something to eat and use the bathroom.  We decided to go ahead and drive up to the top.  Once you get to the top you can hike 1/4 of a mile up and reach the top of the mountain slacker style.  We decided this was a much safer way to climb a 14er with infants.

After taking a million pictures and documenting Emmett’s first 14er, we headed back down the mountain to Idaho Springs.  We decided to go to a place called Tommy Knockers to grab a beer and some food.  We each got delicious beers (I felt a bit buzzed after just one!) and some nachos and a buffalo burger for the table to split.  It definitely hit the spot.  After our meal, we headed back home for an easy night at home.  We basically snacked our way to bed.  Sunday we just took it easy and awaited the arrival of Chad’s parents.  We decided to have them over to eat dinner because they had been driving from Kansas City all day.  We had a super easy dinner and then explained to them how to care for Emmett and his semi structured “schedule”.  They left pretty early so we could all get some sleep.  Monday morning I woke up bright and early to do my running thing then Chad’s parents actually came over to our place to take care of E.  I didn’t get to see them that morning but it really made things easy not to have to take him or pick him up anywhere.  When I got home they were there and didn’t stay long after I got home.  Chad and I had a relaxing night in.  Tuesday Chad took E over to them so we had to be super organized since Chad had to get the car back to me by 7:45am so that I could go to work and get there on time.  It actually worked out just fine, I just had to wake E up 30 min. earlier than he was used to.  We met here for lunch and it was amazing.  It was also great to see my boy in the middle of the day.  Going over to pick E up that night was no big deal either.  I was worried I’d be stuck in traffic but it was seriously a breeze.  Wednesday we dropped E off at Chad’s folks place and then I actually left work pretty early around 1pm so that I could finish packing and get some things done before leaving for KS for my grandma’s services.  Chris and Charles met me at home around 4pm and they offered to take me to the airport.  Unfortunately for them, I brought Emmett with me to KS.  They were kind of robbed of 5 days with Emmett but luckily they understood.  They dropped us off and we were there and through the security and gate checks with in minutes. I had about 2 hours before our flight so we walked around, bought some dinner, ate sweet treats and talked on the phone.  Finally we boarded and were off. It was a loooooong night.  Once we got into KC we had to go get our checked bags then get our rental car.  By the time I had the car it was well past 11pm.  We then had to drive to Chris and Charles’ house to grab the pack n’play so E had some place to sleep.  Then we had to drive to my aunts house.  We finally made it there around 11:45pm and were in bed at around 1pm.

The next day I woke up around 9am and Emmett was still sleeping 🙂  He’s such a great sleeper.  I didn’t get a run in due to wanting to help but little did I know, I wasn’t really needed until 2pm.  I was really mad at myself for not making my run happen.  I helped with the slide show for my grandma’s funeral, putting pictures together and going to Kinko’s to scan them onto a CD.  Later that day two of my grandma’s friends came over to visit with us and remember Grandma.  We made tons of food and cleaned the house too.  My mom, E and I headed over to Lake Quivera where we ended up staying with my mom’s college friends since there wasn’t enough room for us to stay with my aunt.  When we got to Lake Quivera it was around 11pm and we were all beat.  Linda and Charlie, my mom’s friends, were so accommodating.  We each got an entire floor of house to ourselves!  I got the entire first floor with a kitchenette, king size bed and bathroom while my parents and brother got the entire upstairs.  It was great!  So so so much space.  They also had baked fresh choc. chip cookies.  They were amazing.

Friday we got up and had to rush.  We had to be over at the grave site for the burial by 11:30am.  I had planned on waking up early to go for a run but I was just too exhausted.  We all wore KU attire and were told to bring something to the burial to throw in with grandma’s ashes.  When we all got there we started out with everyone being able to say something and why they chose the article they chose to throw in.  I chose to sprinkle in some coffee because grandma had to have her coffee with her.  My brother chose a movie (October Skies) because that is what he and my grandma always did together.  Other things people threw in with her were golf balls, KU IDs, her purse, jewelry, pepper, scotch, a Siamese beany baby cat, make up, a thank you letter, a dixie chicks CD, a KU shirt, an editorial she had written in the VA hospital newsletter where my grandpa stayed, and much much more.  It was such a fun burial service but also very tearful.  After the burial we packed up the cars and headed over to Winsteads for a quick family lunch.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that fast in my entire life.

After that we picked up and went to my aunts house to help make up the finishing touches on the food prep and finished getting changed into our funeral clothes.  The visitation was at 4pm over by where my grandma used to live.  We saw so many people that we hadn’t seen in years.  It was very touching to see them all there.  During that time I stressed about what I was going to say at the service.  I thought I was going to have enough time during the service to jot some quick notes down but my little man decided to start crying right when the service started up.  It’s crazy but when it was my turn to talk the words just came right out and I was the most calm I think I have ever been while talking in front of a crowd.  I cried a bit at the service but I feel like most of my tears have already been shed over the past several years watching her deteriorate.  Once the service ended we headed back to my aunts for a party.  We had tons of food and alcohol.  We mingled, E met more people and we ate.  We headed back over to Linda and Charlies around midnight and quickly got to bed.  It had been a very long and tiring day.  Finally the fun could begin.  That wraps up Emmett’s 15th week of life!



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