Starting week 14 and Aunt Kimba!

This was the week I was most concerned about because my aunt was coming in to watch E and I wasn’t sure how she would do watching him because she raised 3 girls.  Not that boys are much different but he also had spent the least amount of time with her and I hoped that he wouldn’t give her any trouble and that she would be able to use the methods I know to sooth and calm him.  We weren’t sure if Kim was even going to make it in to watch him because my grandma (her mom and my mom’s mom) had been on and off doing “well”.  My grandma had been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s about 4-5 years ago so she had been non responsive some days and had been sleeping and not eating very much.  So my aunt wasn’t sure how she felt about leaving my grandma in this state.  She went to visit my grandma Saturday and the people (hospice nurses) told my aunt that my grandma seemed stable and my aunt even said she seemed like she was having a pretty good day so she decided she’d come out to CO and babysit Emmett.  She came out on Sunday and I went over to my parents house Sunday night after a lovely grilled dinner with my hubs.  I thought I was going to have to spend the night over at my parents house every single night the week my aunt was here but we actually worked it out where she was going to come to my work like my mom had the week before to pick E up but to help with the transition, I decided I’d just stay the night for the first night.  It was kind of fun to be back in my old room again.  I don’t do that very often so it’s a real treat when I get to stay in my old room.  I had originally planned on running in the morning but it was too much to add into an already tired mind and body.  I didn’t go to bed until 11pm so running was pretty much out of the picture.  The night and morning went fine.  I woke my aunt up right before I left for work and prayed that I had remembered to tell her everything she needed to know.  I ended up running about 7 miles over lunch at the heat of the day and I never heard a word from my aunt.  Apparently they did great!  I was over at my folks house around 4pm and my aunt had just finished feeding E his second bottle of the day.  I stayed for a bit to catch up and then headed home.  The next day she met me at work and I passed E and my dog off and again, never heard a work from her.  My mom got a colonoscopy done on Tuesday so she and my dad were home with my aunt for the better half of the day as well but Kim seemed to do just fine without their help.  I met up with them later at Ross and TJMaxx to do some shopping and my mom was totally out of it.  I told them that on Wednesday I’d probably take the day “off” aka work from home so that I could hang out with my aunt.  I ended up telling my boss that I had to take my mom to/from her colonoscopy appointment and that I had to work from home that day.  Little white lies aren’t all bad 🙂  I apparently had only told my sedated mother about this plan and thought she’d pass the word onto my aunt.  Yeah, no such luck.  I woke up Wednesday morning to a text and a call from my aunt saying she’d be at DU in 15 min!  AHHH!  So I called her just in time and said we’d be over later to hang out and NOT to rush to DU.  I felt terrible.

We headed over to my parents house around 9:30am ish and helped my dad pack his car.  My dad has been unemployed for over a year and landed a job in Ohio so unfortunately he moved out there but fortunately has a job now.  After getting my dad packed and out the door (yes it took 3 women to get the man moved) Kim and I went to a very late lunch at a Greek place and then I headed out to an info. session for joining the Junior League of Denver.  Not sure how I feel about that.  It feels like a grown up sorority.  Anyways, I came back to dinner at my folks house with Chad and my aunt and mom and we watch some Olympics, started a movie and then Chad and I left.

Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to get a 5 mile run in, got ready for work and then saw on my phone a text from my mom that she wanted me to call her as soon as I could.  I had a really bad feeling about that text and the night before I had been up crying because of my grandma’s situation and missing the person I used to know.  Well, sure enough, the phone call was to tell me that my grandma had passed away early Thursday morning, 5:45am (KC time) to be exact.  I wish I could explain the emotion that was running through my head at that moment.  There were really no words to describe what I felt.  I couldn’t even cry.  I felt numb.  I quickly told my boss that I wouldn’t be in and Chad offered to go to breakfast with me.  We went to a cute place called Jelly by our house.

We got biscuits and sweet potato hash.  It was so so so good.  Of course, there was also coffee.  We talked about my grandma and then possible future endeavors for me.  We talked about going to nursing school and more about my grandma.  It was good to just talk.  After breakfast I dropped Chad off at work and went to my parents house to see my mom and aunt and to hug them.  We all cried a little bit and talked about future events like the funeral.  I helped them get ready to drive across Kansas and then ended up going grocery shopping and home.  Later that night I had some wine to again, numb the pain a bit.  I was so tired.  Friday I went into work and learned that some new person had been hired.  Chad watched E that day from home.  It was a much better day because I was well rested.  Sleep makes all the difference in the world.  Here is a picture of my 14 week old baby.

I seriously can’t believe how time flies.


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