CA trip and 10 weeks old!

Like I mentioned in the 9 week old post, E took a big trip (along with the rest of the family) to CA to visit Uncle Chad.  We stayed in a lovely VRBO that my mom picked out right by Loyola.  Saturday morning we all got up pretty late and headed to Starbucks for our morning java hit.  We actually ended up doing this every single morning because there was for some reason no coffee maker in this house!  We are all huge coffee addicts so you can imagine the horror.  We did so much while we were there.  We went to see the tar pits, we went out to eat, we went to the getty art museum, we saw tons of family, we went to a 4th of July parade, we ate a ton and I got to run at least 5-8 miles every day I was there, we went to the beach.  Bliss.

We did so much but yet so little.  It was a very relaxing trip all around.  We never left the house before 1pm every day so each and every morning was nice just sitting around doing our own thing.  Lunches were usually picnic lunches and dinner’s were always filled with family.  We were invited over to Lizzie and Chris’s apartment down in Orange county one night and Lara and Steve’s apartment over in Hollywood the other night.  Here is Steve holding Emmett.  I think he likes him 🙂

After we ate at Lara and Steve’s, we had a great time doing the Hollywood walk of fame.  It was almost midnight and the streets were swarming with people.  All and all it was a very successful trip.  I can’t wait to go back and do Disney Land with my baby next time!


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