11 weeks and a moment of peace

We got home from CA late on Friday night of week 10 going onto week 11 of E’s life.  Chad had come back a day earlier because he didn’t have the time off to take an entire week so he was glad to see us home safe and sound.  Through the weekend we really didn’t have much going on.  It was nice just to be in our own house doing our own thing drinking our own coffee again.  We even decided to give the BOB a try!

It was a complete success this time around but I took him out later in the week and it was a complete horror show.  He started fussing about .5 miles into the walk.  He started to calm down so I kept going around the park.  Then he was completely asleep so I took him a little further.  Next think I know I had done about 3 miles with him so I turned around to walk home.  I got stopped by some older woman in love with dogs and babies.  She talked my head off for at least 15 minutes which was fine until Emmett woke up and realized he didn’t want to be sitting in the stroller anymore.  So I quickly left the lady and started walking quickly back.  Emmett fussed louder and louder until, before I knew it, he was down right shrieking to get out.  It was horrible.  He cried for 45 minutes straight, only stopping when I’d take him out and try to carry him.  But carrying him didn’t last long because I also had to push a stroller and walk the dog so inevitably he’d go back in the stroller.  Most stressful walk ever.

The rest of the week was pretty non eventful.  I got pretty sick this week somehow and was completely out of commission on Monday.  I sat around the entire day doing nothing but sleeping and watching TV.  Emmett was so great too.  He was such a good little guy when I needed him to be.  I felt horrible so it was nice that he decided to be good to me that day.  Tuesday I went over to my folks house because the cleaning ladies were coming and I have to be out of the house for a while during the time that they are there to clean.  I actually wasn’t feeling great Tuesday morning but decided to push myself anyways and go for a run.  I had my dad watch E while I went for a 5 mile jog.  When I got back I thought I was going to vomit.  It was so hot out already and I was not in any shape to be running 5 miles.  I cooled off and got something to drink then went home and got ready to go into work.

The day before I finally checked my work emails just because I figured I should.  My new co-worker wanted to know if I’d be in for the IRB meeting the following day.  I decided what the hell and thought I could surprise everyone with my presence and my baby.  Everyone was extremely shocked to see me but it did feel nice to be there and introduce my baby to everyone.  He, of course, did nothing but smile at everyone.  I even kept him through the entire meeting in my lap and he sat through the entire thing!  Not a peep out of him!  After the meeting I spoke with my co-worker and actually decided that I’d propose to work part-time and from home.  Initially I was never planning on coming back to work but DU has a policy that you must come back for 30 days or you’ll have to pay back all your maternity leave to the University.  Um, no thanks.  I’ll do the 30 days! But after speaking with her I decided I’d propose the part-time thing just to see what they’d say.  More on that in a later post.

I met up with my birth class girls at the Botanic Gardens again to catch up on Wednesday afternoon and that was about it.  It was pretty nice having nothing planned for this week considering the last several had been so hectic!

My mom offered to watch E on Friday night also so that Chad and I could go on a date.  We ended up going out for Indian food and then walking over to our neighborhood wine bar LaLa’s for a few glasses of wine.

I was sufficiently drunk by the time we got home.  Luckily I’m a cow so I have enough milk to feed an army of babies.  I pumped and dumped which I’d never done before.  Turns out it’s really not that big of a deal and I fully intend on doing it again sometime.

I will leave you with my bumbo baby…Did you know these have been recalled!?



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