The 9th week of life

During Emmett’s 9th week he had a lot going on.  One very “memorable” moment for him was going to get his two month check up!  He weighed in at 11lbs and was 22in. long.  Still in the 25th percentile for both height and weight but seeing how much he’s grown over the past several weeks I think he’s probably shot up to the 50th percentile since his two month check up.

Look at those legs!  He started getting some more chunk 🙂  He did great!  He received only 4 shots (I think he was supposed to get 6) b/c the other shots were out for the moment so he’ll receive the rest at his 4 month check up.  E also turned 2 months old this week!

That about sums up my boy!  He started smiling around 3-4 weeks and hasn’t stopped.  We also met up with meme for lunch in Boulder one day this week.  It’s always fun to have a day with meme.  It was also very surreal going up for lunch because CO went through a massive several weeks with fires every one of which was in Boulder so we got to see that fire up close and personal.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t too smokey.  Later that day we got back home to pack for our BIG trip to CA!!!  We left on Friday of this week.  He did absolutely wonderful on all the flights.  We had a layover in Bakersfield and E did great.  He slept on all flights and was such a good boy at the rental place.  Later that night Chad flew into meet us so my dad and I hoped into the car to go get him at the airport.  When we got back My brother Chad and his girlfriend Lauren were at the house my parents rented already.  We ordered pizza for dinner and had some Pale Ale beers.  SO tasty 🙂  We also had this delicious cake my brother brought over to celebrate my mom’s bday.  I’ll do the CA trip in the next post because it was almost a week long.  Obviously not a whole lot happened in week 9…Just saying goodbye to family and friends and traveling.  Oh we also tried to be more diligent about tummy time because the doctor said we really needed to work on that.  This is what happened when I put E on his stomach.


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