8 weeks and more family

I’m not even sure how to begin this post.  This was another big and fun filled week for our little man.  It was a scary week for his mama because I thought I’d be getting a D&C on the approaching Wednesday.  I went through the weekend a little nervous but then came to the harsh realization that I would be getting surgery!  There are a few risks associated with this procedure like not waking up from the anesthesia or becoming infertile.  Luckily my aunt and cousins came into town this week to keep my mind off of everything.  My husband was also a real champ this week trying to tame my crazy.  Anyways, you aren’t here to read about my problems postpartum so let’s see what Emmett was up to this week.

Emmett’s great aunt Kim (my mom’s sister and my aunt) came into town on Monday.  My cousin and her husband (we call her aunt Liz) got in Tuesday night.  I spent Monday doing my own thing.  I also experimented with the bumbo.

And did laundry.

Thanks for the help Snoopy.  She actually jumped on top of that laundry all by herself.  She is ridiculous.  She loves warm clothing so any chance she has to jump up and make herself warm she will do just that.

Tuesday I spent the day catching up and putting things away and low and behold my bleeding had STOPPED!  It was out of control just a few days before and now it’s gone?  What!?  Anyways, I called my doc. to ask her what in the world I should do and she decided to go ahead and cancel my D&C!  I was a little apprehensive but decided that she probably knows more about medicine than I do.

The next day I went over to my parents house to see my aunt and cousins.  They had flown in from LA the night before to go to a wedding the next weekend and to see Emmett.  We all went to a lovely tea together that my cousin had arranged for 3 separate occasions/gifts to us.

1. My mom’s bday

2. My aunt’s (her mom’s) bday

3. My gift for birthing a healthy baby boy

We had tons of fun at this little tea place.  The most fun we had was walking around downtown Littleton and dressing my little boy up like a little girl.  HA!  He looks so much like a little boy we had a tough time doing that!

That’s my beautiful boy!  After our fun in downtown Littleton we headed back to my parents house for some dinner with the family.  Thursday was a prep day this week for my college friends who were coming into town.  Friday I went back to the doc for my final ultrasound and then onto the airport to pick up the first of the arrivals, the Trans.

We took them to eat lunch downtown at a place called the Market.  Afterwards we went over to our friends Taylor and Jacob’s for the party to begin. There are so many special memories from that weekend that I wish this week had it’s own post and if I wasn’t so far behind in posting our weekly updates then I think I would just have a separate post for this.  Everyone started trickling in that day.  The next to arrive were Emily and Scott and then Kiran and Joey.  Unfortunately Cindy Perez and her Fiance Ryan Kidney were not able to make it due to weather issues on the east coast.  It was a real bummer because I’m not sure when the next time is I will even see her.  We basically feasted and talked and played with baby ALL weekend long.  I had been looking forward to this weekend for months and months.  Friday night we ate and drank and enjoyed each others company.  Chad and I headed home later that night because we didn’t’ want to have to lug Emmett’s stuff all over the place.

When we got home that night Chad and I put together a breakfast casserole and then went to bed.  Early that morning I got up and ran 4 miles then we went over there and walked into this

A huge baby shower!  There are so many photos from this weekend and I’ll have to go back and look through the ones I want to post but my heart was filled with so much love when we saw all this was for us.  The boys went up to the mountains to do some white water rafting while us girls went to the neighborhood pool and then did the baby shower.  Each of my friends are so thoughtful.  We toasted with champagne and even played a game with onesies where we added mustaches.  It was so much fun and I’ll never forget it.  Later the boys came back from rafting and we feasted again and drank wine/beer/liquor.  It was amazing.  I was SO tired though.  I think E stayed up past midnight.  We decided to spend the night at T and J’s house that night b/c it seemed easier and we wanted to be up with everyone in the morning to send them off.  When we all woke up we had leftovers for breakfast and coffee and Emmett time.  Once everyone parted ways we went over to my folks house to join my family for dinner.  Chad and I got there and immediately crashed upstairs in my brothers bedroom for a bit while the family played with E.  It felt amazing to get some much deserved sleep.  When we woke up the appetizers were in full swing so we went outside on the patio and enjoyed appetizers with my cousins and aunt and uncle and then had a late dinner.  It was such a great weekend and I feel so incredible blessed that these people are in our lives.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week!


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