Week 6, a very BIG week!

This was a big week for Emmett because not only was it his first plane ride, it was his first visit to Kansas City to meet friends and family!  I also caught a few smiles on camera.

And some snooze time was also caught on camera.

This week we basically just got ready for our trip.  E and I met up with one of my dearest friends who I went to college with for some much needed girl time and wine.

Wednesday we went up to Boulder and met cousin Becky for the first time for lunch and to see my mom and meet some of my mom’s co-workers to show E off to.  Becky said that she now knows what love at first site is.  There were no photos because Emmett slept the entire lunch so Becky didn’t get to hold him but maybe next time.  After lunch I went back to my mom’s office with her and then we drove back up to Denver together.  We had a lot to do to get ready for the trip so I think we were up until almost midnight.  We didn’t have to be at the airport for our flight until 8:30ish but we had to get up super early to make sure we were there in plenty of time to get checked in since we heard that everything takes longer with a baby.  Thank goodness my parents offered to take the dog the day before and my dad offered to take us to the airport.  He came by to pick us up around 6am.  When we got to the airport we thought we were golden.  We went to go check a bag and then they saw that we had a baby and asked whether or not we had his boarding pass…excuse me!?  They wanted to see his immunization records or his birth certificate, neither of which we had.  We hadn’t even gone to pick his birth certificate up!  They told us they’d let us on “just this once” but that we HAD to have it when we came  back.  Ok, whatever.  We were a bit nervous traveling with him but it honestly was a non issue.  He slept through the entire flight.  I even had my boob already to go to feed him.  He didn’t wake up once!  I actually decided to wake him up mid flight to feed him so that I wouldn’t have to do it at the airport in KC.  He was such a great traveler!

After arriving in KC we headed back to Chad’s parents house for some Gma and Gpa Baudoin bonding time for a bit before I had to race off to meet my aunt and cousin for lunch on the plaza.  It was my aunt Kim’s first time meeting Emmett and she was bursting at the seems to get some quality time with him.

We had lunch at the Classic Cup down on the plaza.  Emmett also had some sort of a growth spurt this weekend too because I had prepared some bottles for him so that I wouldn’t have to whip out my boob in front of people in public.  He ate his normal 3oz serving from the bottle than was still majorly fussy so I fed him and he ate off of me for 30 minutes!  Crazy!  He continued to do this throughout the remainder of the weekend so we decided to up his intake to 5oz.  He has been doing well on this amount ever since.

After visiting Kim and Lara for lunch we headed over to see Emmett’s Great Grandma Thomas.  She is in a nursing home and totally not with it but it was fun to see her interact with him and grab some photos with her anyways.

After we were done visiting with the members of my side of the family, I drove back to the Baudoin’s for dinner and for Emmett to meet his other Great Grandma and great aunt Nancy.

Chad’s entire family was over to some nice grill time.  We also learned from Chad’s sister that another member of the family is due to make his or her appearance in late January!

That night was a ton of fun with the great news!  The next morning was really nice.  We just got up and enjoyed being with extra help aka grandma and grandpa!  We also just took it super easy.  Grandma and Grandpa took us to a delicious place in KC called yogurtini which is a soft serve yogurt place and then Chad and I came home and took a massive nap while Chris and Charles prepared dinner.  We had tilapia and sweet potatoes and salad.  Very simple and very delicious.  After dinner Chad and I went to make a wine run for a bota box.  This is simply delicious and very cost effective.  There are 4 bottles of wine to be enjoyed for just under $20 a box.  We came home and enjoyed a few glasses of wine before bed with Chris and Charles.

The next day was the day of Emmett’s big event!  This should include a post all on it’s own but since it’s part of his 6/7 weeks on earth, it will be posted here.

My sister in law was ever so gracious and wanted to throw us a “sip n’see” or a party to see the baby after his birth.  We called it an open house and it was from 4-7pm on Saturday.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Cara has the most wonderful decorating sense.  I could never pull off a party as well as she can.

People came from near and far (ok really just near) to meet Emmett.  We had such a fantastic time.  Almost every single person we invited came to see this little dude!  Rather than us having to make a run all over the city to visit people, they all came to us.  One and done.  Really everything was just amazing.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better time.  I just wish we had gotten more pictures with every one who had come.  It was such a whirlwind (like parties for you usually are).  I really hate not being able to devote more attention to everyone.  I’m pretty sure Emmett was held by 50 different people that day.  He did such a great job and was such a good baby.  We were able to feed him two bottles during the 3 hour party (although some people overstayed the time limit) and he was happy.  After everyone finally left we sat around with with family to talk for a bit then parted our separate ways.

Sunday was also a great day.  We did some of this:

and A LOT of this

Chad’s family LOVES to sit and talk for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours….Ok you get the point 🙂

We also headed to the pool with Beckett right before his afternoon nap and also ate some leftovers from the party for lunch.

We had Jambalaya coming out of our ears.  We also finished up the cake and cookies from the party.  Chris’s side of the family was having their own little float trip reunion so they weren’t able to make it to the party on Saturday so they dropped by Sunday to meet the baby as well.  I’m pretty sure we sat in the basement and talked for 8 hours straight.  Chad and I were in bed around midnight that night.  Over the weekend we also found some pretty funny photos of when Chad was a baby to compare to Emmett.

Chad went from this

To this in just a few short weeks…

Chad was HUGE as a child.  He weighed 6lbs 6oz at birth and ballooned up to this little chunker.  He doesn’t look anything like Emmett but my mom and I swear E looks much more like a Baudoin than a Neidt.

Monday we didn’t do much either.  We went to lunch with Chris and Charles and just hung out until we had to get to the airport.  Cara took a few beautiful photos of Emmett

Wow, what a weekend!  Back to Denver we went.  I’d say it was a successful weekend all in all but obviously we were all very worn out!


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