How can it be…7 weeks!

Seven weeks…Really?  They say the time goes by fast but I never could have imagined it to be this fast!  Week 7 was a pretty chill week for the baby and myself.  A side note about KC.  I started bleeding pretty heavily when we were there so the Tuesday after we got back I had my 6 week postpartum check up to get cleared for exercising and to make sure my recovery was going as smoothly as it should have been going.  Well, unfortunately my doc. was not pleased that I was still bleeding and told me that was very odd.  She decided to schedule me for an ultrasound on Friday to go in and see what was happening.  She warned me that the worst case scenario would be that I’d have to have a D&C (surgery) to clean out my uterine lining so that the blood would stop.  My mind always goes to worst case so of course I was preparing myself for bad news.  Once we got home from the doc. Emmett and I decided to get Daddy’s Father’s Day gift ready.  I found this idea on Pinterest and took several photos to fit into a picture frame spelling something.

So creative right!?

We also caught Sadie and Emmett becoming best friends.

He was still so much smaller than her!

We also went to a BBQ in the park for a bit and when we got home we did this:

We had to catch some z’s because Father’s day was the next day!  I went and looked for Chad’s gift for over an hour.  I knew what I wanted to get him but didn’t know the brand or type.  He ended up picking this out at a later date:

That is one happy dad!  We ended up going over to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate.  My dad got a gift card from me to Starbucks.  We also had dinner with some of my parents friends who’s kids all live out of state.

Backing up to Friday, I did have my ultrasound and they found that there was still placenta leftover in my uterus which basically means that it was growing and needed to come out.  My body was still bleeding trying to get rid of it but the placenta was still thriving there.  My doctor scheduled a D&C for the following Wednesday.  More on that later.


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