What I’ve been up to…The first week

I’m so far behind on posting that I don’t even know where to start.  I have been on Maternity leave since the birth of my son.  July 20th will mark exactly 12 weeks of being gone from work.  My last day of work was actually April 24 because I worked from home on the 25th, had false labor on the 26th and had my son on the 27th.  I can and can’t believe my time is already over.  I’m both sad and excited.  Sad because I really really REALLY don’t want to go back to work and happy because the sooner I go back to work, the sooner I get to quit.  The place I work has a policy that I must go back for 30 calendar days or else I’ll have to pay back all my maternity leave.  All I have to do is work that amount to get all my leave paid for.  UGH.  I hate that I have to do this.  Luckily we have some pretty amazing family members who are willing to come and help us through those 4 weeks that I have to be gone from my baby.  My aunt and mom will be helping out the first 2 weeks and my in laws will be taking the second 2.  Thank goodness for family because the thought of child care sickens me.  I know there are plenty out there that are fabulous but the cost is outrageous!  I’m going to tell my boss tomorrow that I don’t plan on coming back after the 30 mandatory days and have been stressing out about it and losing sleep over it for some time now.  I can’t wait to just get it over with.

I’d love to go over all the things that I’ve done over maternity leave and why I call it a vacation rather than work.  It’s been fantastic.  I wasn’t sure how I’d do with the whole stay at home mom thing but so far so good 🙂  First of all I get to hang with this guy all day long:

Oh my goodness, he just melts my heart!  But while I’m at it, let’s revisit the first week that I was home…

We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday, April 29.  I was so excited to go home and just be with my baby.  No nurses or doctor’s around, just us!  It was nice having them there in case we had questions but I’ve wanted to be a mom pretty much since I could talk so to have a baby all to myself really excited me.  Remember all my food aversions?  Every single one went out the door as soon as he came out.  When we got home I was very tired but felt SO good.  My in laws were already at our condo so I was able to pass E off to them and go take a nap.

Chad and I both got some much needed sleep.  When we woke up we got to making dinner.  We invited my family over as well and had pizza and salad. I was so excited to be able to eat raw eggs again in the form of dough and batter that I decided to make brownies.  While everyone mingled after dinner and held E, I made brownies and ate the batter 🙂  Once everyone left, it was just us…Night #1 with just us 3!  My sister in law had mentioned that her first night she was so overwhelmed she cried so I was expecting to have a similar experience.  Everything went swimmingly except for the fact that I am terrified of SIDS and would check on him every 1.2 seconds.  We tried to get him to sleep in the bassinet next to our bed but I was so paranoid that we ended up sleeping with him like we did in the hospital-on our chests with pillows packed around us.  We did this for the next few nights as well until I read more on SIDS and the rate actually INCREASES if the baby sleeps in the bed with you.  After I read that E went in the bassinet and has been there ever since.  We’d loved to transition him into his own room but it’s just too hot right now for him to be in there so maybe once summer ends he’ll have his own big boy room 🙂

The first week Chad took completely off from work and we took many walks, went to the mall several times, took E to his first doc’s appointment (he had gained back all of his birth weight and then some!), cooked some meals together and just enjoyed one another’s company.  Chad even mentioned at one point how much he’d love to be a stay at home dad.  It was very very nice.  My mom was also over almost every single night.  It was a bit stressful looking back at it all because everything was so new and we were all so sleep deprived.

I cried a lot because of happiness and of course the littlest things tipped me off so I’d cry because of that.  I even lost my bra at one point and threw a temper tantrum!  I thought I was going to punch a hole in the wall!  I dreaded nights the most because I knew that I’d be up every 2 hours and it was tough to put E down and not be able to watch him breathing.  I still get nervous about night time but have zero problems falling asleep these days!

That first week was just trying to get acclimated to our new life.  I really can’t say that much has changed.  We just sort of forced E into our life and so far he’s just gone with the flow.  I jumped into running the Sunday after we got home with a little soreness.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that 2.5 miles is easy!  That used to be my cool down run!  I had to walk about 1/2 of that distance!  I would say week 1 was a complete and total success!


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