Weeks 4-5 or 1 month!

How do 4 weeks go by without even blinking!?  I decided to do monthly photo updates to track Emmett’s growth so this month tracks the first time of taking his month pictures.  My oh my how he’s grown into such an adorable little newborn.

That was at the end of the 4th week going on into the 5th week as the 27th fell on a Sunday.  Entering into the 4th week my running was still going strong and I was almost running at what I had been running at before I got pregnant.  My weight was back to pre pregnancy weight I just wanted to be as toned as I was pre pregnancy so the running was what was going to get me there.  Unfortunately it rained on Tuesday of this week.  No big deal, I’ll just do Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred!  I did that and it felt pretty good!  I was super sore afterwards but proud of myself for keeping up.  The next day was nice and sunny so I went for a run before Chad went to work.  Later that day, it was around 1pm, I felt a huge gush.  I ran to the bathroom and it was tons of blood.  That did it for me.  I decided that day, then and there, that I would not run until I got the clearance from my doctor.  I took it easy the rest of that day.  The rest of the week was pretty uneventful.  We got together with friends and decided on Sunday that we needed to go to church or at least find one we liked.  We found a Unitarian church and we loved it.  Afterwards we went to grab some coffee then headed home.  I ended up doing a 10 mile walk that day!  We went to a bbq at some friends house later that night.

Chad being the super dad that he is decided he’d take on all things baby wearing.

We also took Emmett shopping for a new hat this week since his one that Chad got me for Mother’s Day didn’t exactly fit.

We also did more of this

This week we also met back up with our friend Oliva!

And we started smiling!

We also took a trip to the airport to meet cousin Lara!

After meeting up with Lara, we went to meet up with my parents and Chad for happy our and dinner downtown.  Emmett was having “witching hours” about this point and so no one knew whether or not he’d be fussy or not during the evening hours from about 4:30pm-8pm.  Well tonight was not that night for Emmett.  He cried and fussed and wanted to be held until he went to bed.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  He was only about 4 and 3/4 weeks old at that point.  What can you expect!?  He’s generally a good boy so mommy doesn’t complain too much when he fusses 🙂

I also went to my first “play group” this week at the church.  I honestly didn’t like it too much and probably won’t be going back.  I was bored and there wasn’t much to talk about since all the babies were much older than Emmett.  There was one baby that was about a week younger than E there but we really didn’t have too much in common.  When I returned back from my play group, we went over to my parents for dinner.  It was a super rainy night and was nice to go to a big cozy house were someone else cooked us dinner.  We also headed back to church this week and to coffee afterwards.  We also still have a dog.  She has been neglected ever since bringing Emmett home.  She actually had a horrible time with him the first several weeks.  She has now realized that he isn’t going away.  I don’t think she’s thrilled about that but she at least has learned to cope.

I wish so badly that I could explain every single detail in my days.  I forget a lot of what has gone on but this has honestly been the best time of my life.  I LOVE being a mom and having a baby all to myself.  If I remember other details, I’ll go back and edit the posts to show for it.  I love even remember back to May and recalling all these tiny events that have happened in our lives.


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