Week 2 with a new baby

Obviously these posts are written 2 plus months after the fact but I can still remember clear as day what was going on during week 2 with a newborn.  Chad informed me on Monday night going into Tuesday that he was going to go into work.  I was actually terrified but seeing as how I didn’t need hardly any help (his parents left the Monday after E was born) he figured he’d start going into work the 2nd week.  The original plan was for Chad to take 2 full weeks off but we were doing so well the first week of E’s arrival that Chad figured it would be no big deal if he were to go in.  I stressed all night long over it.  In the morning I was so scared.  I didn’t want him to leave.  To be 100% honest it was no big deal.

We did a lot of this during that second week without Chad.  My mom made us dinner and my dad brought it over.

I also brought out the baby bjorn for the first time!

We had our 2 week appointment…

I got the clearance from the doctor to start pumping so I ran out and immediately got a the Pump N’ Style so that I could start pumping and not be completely tied to E 24 hours a day.  So far it’s been amazing!  I also made cookies for the nurses that helped deliver Emmett and made us feel so wonderful.  I made a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of peanut butter.  This is how most of my cooking gets done…

We also met uncle Chad who came in from CA to meet his newest favorite nephew!

Uncle Chad helped a ton!  We went shopping, to Chipotle to get some grub, to Starbucks and then to go pick daddy up to spend the weekend up at our parents house for Mother’s Day.

We had a great weekend with one minor scare.  I actually had run about 5 miles on Thursday and then took a rest day on Friday to hang out with my brother.  Saturday morning was also a rest day.  I went to feed E and then change his diaper and when I got up I felt something coming out from “down there”.  I handed Emmett off to Chad and ran to the toilet.  As I was pulling my pants down two very large tangerine size clots passed.  I had blood everywhere and was completely scared and shocked out of my mind.  My bleeding had almost completely stopped so this was very odd and scary for me.  I was terrified and so was Chad.  We were convinced we’d need to go to the hospital so I stared getting clothes on and so did Chad.  Thank goodness we were at my parents house because my mom was the voice of reason.  She told us to chill out and she googled clotting.  She told me first and foremost to call my doc. to see what they say.  I did and they told me as long as I wasn’t soaking a pad in an hour that I’d be fine.  Turns out, I was fine 🙂  I took it easy the rest of the day and let me mom completely baby me.

Later that afternoon E attended his first party!  It was a graduation party from college for a girl in the neighborhood that I used to babysit for.  We didn’t let anyone hold Emmett because his immune system was still so fragile.  He slept the entire time.  I think we were there for about 4-5 hours.  When we got home I fed him and then we had Garbonzo’s for dinner.  The next day E met his friend Olivia for the first time.

She wasn’t too thrilled at that moment.  Olivia is my friend Amanda’s baby.  Olivia was born on April 4, almost exactly 3 weeks before Emmett.  Amanda and I were roommates in Vail when we were lifties and became fast friends.  We lost touch for a few years until she moved down to Denver from Vail.  It has been really fun watching our babies grow together!  Amanda lives in my parents neighborhood so it’s been nice being able to see her when we go over there.  I was able to meet up with Amanda on Mother’s Day for a quick walk around the block.

Mother’s Day this year was great.  Chad gave me wine, a gift certificate to Macy’s for a new swim suit and new swimming gear for Emmett.  Emmett gave me a travel coffee mug!  He is so thoughtful!!  He also gave me a card and even signed it!  We had a nice dinner of ribs, potato salad, and baked beans.  It was a feast for sure.  We finally said our goodbyes and made it home.  I’d say it was another successful week!


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