And another week…Week 3

Week 3 started off with a bang.  My brother and his girlfriend were still in town for the start of week 3 so we packed it up and headed over to my parents house to hang out with them one last day.  We went to lunch and I honestly felt pretty good since I had so much help over the weekend.  After lunch we went shopping and then back to my parents house to eat one last dinner with Chad and say our goodbyes.

Emmett was pooped!  Needless to say he started sleeping pretty well from here on out.  I decided that he was finally old enough to space his feedings every 4 hours or so.  This seemed to train him better for sleeping through the night.  I found that the feedings started to become once around 1-2am and then again around 4-6am.  Not too bad, especially since this was the week that dad started feeding E!!

This has proved to be extremely helpful.  It was so nice for the next few weeks since one of us would take the 1-3am feeding and the other one would take the 4-6am feeding.  Unfortunately this week I had another blood clot episode but it didn’t last long.  I was still able to maintain and every other day running schedule.  I also found some sort of nodule thing on the back of Emmett’s head so I went to take him into the doc. for a quick look.  It turned out to be nothing but here he is at the doc.  He had gained 10oz since his last appointment just 6 days before!!

Thank goodness it was nothing.  It was something that babies just have sometimes.  Apparently my sister in law still has some nodules on the back of her head that she was born with.  After this doc’s appointment we met up with some of Emmett’s newest friends.  These ladies were in my natural birth class with me and so far there were 5 of us that had already had our babies so we decided to meet up at the Botanic Gardens to talk about our birth stories and have some social interaction outside of emails.

I can assure you that we all look much better now that our babies are sleeping through the night!  All our our kids were born with in 8 days of each other.  No one shares the same birthday.  Mary’s baby (left) was born on April 25, Michelle’s baby was born on May 1, Rachel’s baby was born on April 22 and E was born on April 27.  It was so fun to compare stories and relate with people who are going through the exact same thing as you.

Finally by the end of the week we were doing a lot of this…

And just overall being cute all weekend long!

That about wraps up week 3!  Nothing too new, just more sleep and exercise.  Oh and a whole lot more love 🙂


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