Ultrasound update!!

I promised I’d share what happened at our 36 week ultrasound on Monday.  So, here goes…We went to our appointment Monday afternoon.  Every other time that we’ve had an ultrasound we see the doc. afterwards but this time they had us see her first.  She asked if we had any questions and after we talked for a bit she mentioned that next time we’d do our ultrasound to measure baby and make sure he is in the correct position for labor.  WHAT!?  I immediately explained that the reason my husband was here was because last time she said we’d do an ultrasound at this appointment!  Guess they forgot to put it on the schedule?  Anyways, luckily the ultrasound tech wasn’t busy and was able to see us.  We went in and got my belly ready for inspection.  My heart always skips a beat right before they put the wand on my stomach.  You never know what you’re going to see.  Chad had mentioned right before we got started that this was the first ultrasound he wasn’t nervous about.  I mentioned I’m nervous no matter what ultrasound it is!  After the appointment me asked me why I was nervous for this one.  I told him it’s because you never know what you’re going to see…What if his arms stopped growing or something was wrong with his head or his legs weren’t the right length?  He understood after I explained that.   Anyways, the scan went perfectly.  The first thing we saw was his head and his is VERY low.  So all systems go for a vaginal birth!  That’s exciting.  I thought for sure he was transverse but to my surprise he is completely head down right now and isn’t expected to move from that position.  So cute!  He was measuring about 36 weeks and in the 38th percentile.  The average guess for his weight was 5lbs 13oz.  She didn’t give us a length measurement but did say that he was curled up.  I was measuring 33 weeks by my fundal height but turns out, baby just has a lot of room in there b/c mama is tall.  He’s doing great and we can’t wait to meet our little bundle of boy at the end of April/beginning of May!


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