How many weeks!?

According to my last menstrual period we are now 14 weeks and 2 days.  According to the growing baby inside of me, we are 15 weeks 2 days(ish).  My husband likes to say the later.  I go back and forth.  Some updates since the last post on 10/21 are that I’m feeling a little bit better especially in the mornings.  There are some days I wake up and think I don’t need to take my Zofriend but end up taking it anyways as a precautionary measure.  We went to Savannah and Charlestons for the week last week and it was great to get away and just be on no one’s schedule.  Chad and I are perfect travel buddies when I am pregnant.  On our honeymoon I would say 95% of the time we were perfect travel buddies, however, Chad does like his afternoon naps and can sometimes get irritated when I disappear for an hour (or longer) run right before we are ready to leave for breakfast.  I can understand that for sure but non pregnant Lindsey hates taking naps, wants to go go GO all the time, and gets bored extremely easily so I have to take hour long runs just to burn off all my excess energy.  Pregnant Lindsey, on the other hand, can’t run for longer than 35 min., only runs ever OTHER day and has to take 2 hour long nap breaks each day.  Chad and pregnant Lindsey are a match made in Heaven 🙂

We started our trip off by heading to KC first for Chad’s grandma’s 90th birthday party.  She is quite the amazing lady.  She still lives by herself, drives a car, goes to aerobics, shops, and used things like the internet which spill over to facebook and twitter.  It really amazes me since I am constantly wondering how some people get Alzheimers at the age of 60 and die by 70 and some keep their brains and their physical health well into their 90s.  The birthday party was where we revealed to Chad’s family our little secret:

Chad’s family has been tons of fun to surprise because he hasn’t told them much about our pregnancy journey so everything is new and exciting to them.  We had quite a few tears of happiness.  The next several hours were spent eating, catching up and relaxing.  The next day we woke up bright and early to catch our flight to Savannah at 8am.  The week was filled with delicious food, lots of sleeping, tons of relaxing, lots of sight seeing, and plenty of time together (what we do best).  I was doing pretty well all week but I could still tell that my stamina is way off.  I get tired very easily and if I start to get hungry even in the slightest I get extremely uncomfortable and shut down.  By the last night, I was very sick and could barely get down a few bites of soup for dinner.  That night was not easy but at least we stayed in a Marriott where we had a king size bed and lots of room to spread out.  I don’t think I bothered my husband too much!  We got home late Saturday night and just used Sunday to catch our breaths and relax.  I was able to run every other day while on vacation which I hope to continue well into pregnancy but every day is different.

This week has been another rough one.  Monday and Wednesday I felt like I was back in the first trimester all over again with the addition of headaches.  So on top of the all day overwhelming feeling of wanting to vomit all the time, I now have headaches.  All I could manage Monday for dinner was soup.  Luckily with every “bad” day comes a good day and Tuesday I was back and full of energy.  I was able to get a run in and make us dinner!  Wednesday I was back to feeling like garbage.  It snowed Wednesday and all I really wanted to do was cuddle with my Chaddy and my Sadie dog but alas, I went into work.  It snowed throughout the morning so I wasn’t able to get outside for a run or walk.  I think that probably contributed to not feeling well because by the time I got home, I ate some chips and salsa and then lost it.  I first went into our bedroom and laid down.  Chad came in to check on me and I just started crying.  I have just felt so miserable lately.  Pre-pregnancy I was full of energy, never felt sick, loved waking up in the mornings, took the dog for walks, ran 7-12 miles a day and was rarely tired.  Now I just feel like a blob who always has the flu.  It’s been like that for the last 12ish weeks and it’s getting old.  Luckily I am having a great day today so I don’t want to complain too much about all this.  I do have my salads and veggies back and while I do miss sugar, I suppose it’s a great thing that it’s the last thing on the face of this earth that I want to look at.  Hey, hopefully it just lowers my chances for getting gestational diabetes 🙂  Gotta look at the bright side!

With all that being said, every single day of this pregnancy has been a complete and total blessing to us.  I do worry a lot about whether or not the baby is ok but I suppose that is pretty normal.  The constant feelings of sickness are reassuring that there is something still in there growing.  I can’t WAIT to feel it kick.  That is the single most exciting thing I’m looking forward to.  Every day is a miracle and I can’t wait, no am overly ecstatic to meet our little baby in April!  Hurry up and get here already baby!!

I leave you with week 15…

I usually look like this though so not sure if that is after dinner bloat or a tiny bean in there 🙂


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