It’s been a while…

I haven’t posted since we found out we had lost one of our babies but that seems like such a far off memory.  We don’t even think about that one that we lost anymore.  We are so focused on the fact that ONE is actually surviving that we are just fit to be tied!

I had another ultrasound last Friday afternoon.  The baby was still measuring a week ahead of schedule which put us at 12 weeks and 2 days last Friday so I’m assuming that this Friday we are in week 13 somewhere.  Everything looked great!  We had the first 2 parts of the genetic testing done.  We had them do the ultrasound to check the skin thickness on the back of the neck and then look for a nasal bone.  Thank god the baby showed up being normal in both of those areas.  We still have one more blood draw to do which will be on November 11 then we’ll have to wait a few days to get those results but for today we can breathe easy.  We also got to see the baby move again.  It was a pretty uneventful appointment.  We saw an ultrasound tech we’d never met before (apparently she was filling in) and a PA whom I’ve never met before.  Chad and I asked the same questions we already have answers to to both the PA and the u/s tech.  The u/s tech was extremely unhelpful.  She didn’t give us anything.  Horrible bedside manner.  The PA was slightly nicer but seemed completely old school and were telling us things that were completely contradictory to what the doc. had told us, one example was about running.  Chad asked if I could keep running.  She said “absolutely not!  It’s like getting in a car crash, the impact is bad for the baby”.  Um, ok, this is the FIRST I’ve ever heard of trauma to the fetus b/c of light running.  I’m not running marathons here lady (and someone did just a few weeks ago while 38 weeks pregnant!).  I’m on runners world forums and 3 doc’s have already said it’s fine to run throughout pregnancy if I was a runner before (and yes, I was 12 years in the making!).  Luckily I got to talk to my reg. doc. this week about when to stop my progesterone pills and I also asked her if I’m high or low risk and if I’m low risk if there is ANY way I can run.  She said that it’s fine to run and I’m now considered low risk but only until about 20 weeks.  She just worries about me falling which could in turn cause actual trauma b/c if I fell on my stomach, that could be detrimental to the baby.  Fair enough.  I can respect that.  So after I got off the phone with my doc. I jumped for joy!!!  I really REALLY didn’t want to take off running for 9 months!  I would have, don’t get me wrong.  I was looking into other options but there is nothing like lacing up your tennies for a good jog.  Not to mention it is one of the easiest forms of exercise to do!  I can just put my shoes on and go.  I was actually dreading having to go to a gym every single day.  I would have done it non the less for our baby but still!  Running just fits into my day so well!  I run 4 miles over lunch and BAM done for the day.  And now that I’m not running nearly as fast as I used to I barely sweat.  It’s a good deal.  So needless to say I was back and running on Wednesday.  I started out with 4 miles which did feel good, not great.  Thursday I did the same.  I was feeling awful yesterday.  The running definitely helped though.  Today I’m planning on doing another 4 over lunch which will give me a total of 12 miles this week!  Not bad for  my first week back.  My legs and back are definitely feeling it though.  It’s really tough to get back into the exercise game after being out for almost 2.5 months.  I am just determined to not be one of those women that gains 60 lbs and can’t get the weight off once our baby is born.

Tonight we are heading to Kansas City to my husbands family’s house so that we can celebrate his grandmothers 90th birthday!  Tomorrow we will tell his mom’s side our big news…His grandma gets to become a great-grandma again!


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