Burritos and soup

I’m in week 6 of my pregnancy so far.  The morning sickness started last Wednesday and has not let up.  This is fantastic but also really really hard for me.  I’m super excited about morning sickness because I’ve heard that it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy.  However, I have no run since last Friday and almost everything sounds horrible to me.  I’m waiting for the time to come when I throw up.  Today I almost did.  The only time I feel “normal” is when I’m eating something that sounds good.  Here is my week in review:

Wednesday-all systems go!  Full on morning sickness ALL DAY.

Thursday-Much of the same although I was able to force myself to run.  I ran 6 miles in the am and then got to work and ate chicken noodle soup with 2 pieces of toast.  Hit the spot.  The rest of the day was spent wondering how I was going to make it through.  I met my brother and his gf for lunch and was able to stomach a side salad and a cup of navy bean soup.  Later that night I had homemade french onion soup and toast.  Can’t stomach sweets at all.

Friday-I was able to run 7 miles Friday am.  I got to work and was able to enjoy some more soup.  Lunch was out with my boss and I was able to get down sweet potato fries and french onion soup topped with cheese and bread.  I really enjoyed it from last night so thought I’d try it out again.  I was really craving oranges so I also scarfed two of those down.  We bought a bunch of clementines because I thought those would settle my stomach but no such luck.  I haven’t touched them.  They sound like barf.  I also craved, no had to have a bean and cheese burrito from taco bell.

Saturday-symptoms gone!  I felt wonderful!!  We went camping with friends over the weekend at the Sand dunes and I was able to hike to the top no problem.  I also ate a breakfast casserole for breakfast, tons of chips, dips, and veggies for lunch (and even a few bites of brownie for dessert) and then had what we brought for dinner!  We had flank steak, two types of salads, and some pork that our friends brought to share.  Everything was wonderful and all sat really well with me!  I even had bloody mary mix to sip on and cheese cubes as an appetizer.  I went on a 4 mile walk and then another 1 mile hike with everyone.  I almost forgot I was pregnant!

Sunday-Dooms day.  All symptoms back in full force.  I woke up thinking I was going to vomit.  The group was making eggs and bacon and I could barely look at the stuff.  Luckily we had packets of instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal so I made some of that and quickly ate it.  My stomach was better after that so I also had a few strips of bacon.  On our way back I munched on cheesy white cheeto puffs and then got to my folks house and NOTHING sounded good.  Everything looked and sounded awful.  My mom made me some Lipton’s noodle soup and that def. helped.  Later I snacked on some cheddar bunnies and goldfish before my dinner of homemade chicken vegetable soup (thanks ma!!  You are the BEST!).  I ended up catching a second wind and had some brownies and played cards until almost 11pm!

Monday-The worst day yet.  I woke up again feeling terrible.  All I could think about were biscuits so my amazing husband quickly shot out of bed and made some for me.  They sure hit the spot.  I thought I’d be able to go for an 8 mile run.  Yeah right!  I could barely make it off the couch to shower.  I did drag myself off the couch to shower and get dressed as we had errands to run.  We went to Target and Petsmart and then it was lunch time.  All of a sudden I wanted nothing but Bravo’s minestrone soup.  Chad suggested maybe something a little cheaper so we were all set to go to Olive Garden until I had to have Panera.  We sped over there as quickly as we could and I got chicken noodle soup w/a baguette for my side.  Of course my husbands choice looked way better than mine (broccoli cheddar) and because he’s been so amazing about all these food mood swings he instantly offered his soup up to me (thanks Chaddy!  I owe you one!).  I felt better after that but then as soon as we got home I felt like I had the flu and was on the couch then quickly migrated to our bed for about 2 hours.  When I finally felt better we decided to take a walk.  We got 2.5 miles in so I will count that as a win.  We decided to stop by the store because all day I had been talking about white rice and sweet and sour sauce for dinner.  Chad went in and made his purchase and as quickly as he went in and bought the stuff I changed my mind and wanted spaghetti squash with marinara sauce.  Thank god he loves me because he didn’t even pause.  He marched straight back into the store and that’s what he got.  We ended up having that for dinner and it was great.

Tuesday-Back to work.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this but my new fitness goal is to walk up to 5-7 miles a day.  I walked the pup 2 miles in the am and thought about what I wanted for breakfast.  Of course, nothing sounded good.  I ended up making more biscuits.  When lunch time rolled around I again was completely indecisive and ended up walking to Safeway and purchasing a bunch of soup and burritos.  The burrito won.  I also got a brown cow vanilla yogurt that totally hit the spot.  When I got home I made myself that white rice with sweet and sour sauce and then a tortilla with cheese.  Also hit the spot.

Today-Same story.  I woke up again feeling sick but took the dog for her 2 mile walk.  I again felt sick thinking about what sounded good for breakfast and when I got home told Chad I had to have a hot pocket with ham and cheese.  Unfortunately whole foods doesn’t have those so he settled for second best and got 2 breakfast sandwiches; one made with a bagel, egg and cheese, the other made with an English muffin, egg and cheese.  The immediately gravitated towards the English muffin one and then was still hungry after it was gone so Chad shared the rest of his bagel one with me 🙂  Bam!  hit the spot.  Lunch was split pea soup another burrito and now I’m sitting here contemplating what in the world I could possibly want for dinner as everything sounds like throw up to me right now.

I swear, in the last week I’ve eaten more processed food and exercised less than I have in my entire life and you know what?  I just don’t care!  I have never felt this way and it’s actually sort of freeing.  I’d love to be able to run again and eat vegetables but right now I feel blessed to just get something down!  I’m definitely taking this pregnancy day by day.  I’m very thankful for all my horrid symptoms.  The one thing I’m not feeling is overly fatigued.  I think in part that has to do with my lack of exercise.  I walk around tired all the time pre-pregnancy so this whole pregnancy thing is probably a blessing in disguise for my over exercised body.  While I don’t feel 100% on the sickness front, I do think that getting ample amounts of sleep is helping tremendously and not pushing my body to do 7, 8, or 10 miles a day doesn’t hurt either.  I am however looking forward to a possible gym membership in my second trimester.


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