And so it begins

That’s right.  Morning sickness, feeling tired all the time, breast tenderness.  And you know what?  I couldn’t be more excited about all of these new feelings!  Does it suck?  Totally.  I hate feeling “off” or sick all the time but I’ll take it.  Every food aversion I have reminds me of our baby sapping the nutrients and energy right now of me.  I’ll share.  The more that little embryo takes the happier I am 🙂

I did not go running yesterday.  We had a very full day.  It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and he finally caught up to my age!  That’s right, 29!  I’m a cradle robber for sure but I couldn’t be more ok with that.  We had an early morning car appointment so he dropped me off at 7am for work.  I woke up and NOTHING sounded good.  Well, scrambled eggs with cheese sounded good so that’s what I ate.  The no running thing yesterday made me feel like a beached whale and because I have the greatest husband in the whole world, he assured me that I still looked “hot”.  I felt pretty bad all morning and my two favorite things in the world, coffee and gum, made me absolutely sick to my stomach.  We went out for salad for lunch and that was pretty damn tasty.  I also had a few bites of chocolate brownie and carrot cake.  Both went down smoothly.  When it was time to pick me up at 3:30pm I thought I was going to fall asleep on the way to the car.  I was SO tired.  We got home and Chad had already made his bday dinner of sloppy joes.

Sloppy Joes!

He sure knows how to make a mean sloppy joe.  I hate sloppy joes but these were amazing!  I’m pretty sure I gained about 4 lbs last night b/c I weighed myself today and the scale wasn’t pretty.  I blame it on pregnancy.  Anyways, after eating and a nice relaxing bath and massage for my bday boy, we watched our new favorite addiction madmen then went for an ice cream surprise dessert.  When we got there Chad told me what he wanted so I went in and ordered then ordered a slice of choc. cake too.  The man said he’d decorate it and put happy bday on it for Chad with a candle.  He also told me it came with a scoop of ice cream.  I caved and can never turn down free food so I got the ice cream.  I took one look at it and gagged.  We went back to the house to put my ice cream away then finished our walk.  All and all I’d say it was a successful birthday!  Happy birthday to the best Mr. I know!!


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