Baby on board

I went to the doc. today.  He made me feel better.  We talked a long time about where to go from here.  Today marks exactly 4 weeks preggo.  That’s not a milestone or anything.  I miscarried at 5 weeks with the last one so I’m hoping to get past that this time.  I would love to hear a heart beat (and to have a baby!).  I got my progesterone and hcg levels tested.  Progesterone was 13.8 and hcg was at 698.  I was happy enough with those levels.  I go back Friday for a follow up blood test to see if the numbers progress.  If they do then that’s one step closer to having a baby!  If they don’t, well, I’m not going to go there today.  I made another appointment with my regular ob.  I’m a little nervous as she told us to wait 2 cycles and we clearly did not.  We did however wait 1 which is what we felt comfortable with.  I have decided that if she is the least bit rude to me tomorrow then I’m finished with her and will be switching my appointments solely to CU. Although I don’t like that they are always behind and super busy, I do like the people over there.  They are more advanced and aren’t “by the literature” as my doc. explained to me this morning.  The old school thought was to wait for a woman to have 3 miscarriages before doing any further testing to see why this is happening.  My doc. today said there is no way he would have a patient go through this mentally a 3rd time.  His wife also had a miscarriage so he could relate with what we are going through.  They also support my running over there.  My ob does too but only until week 20.  I did 9 this morning and it felt amazing.  I promised my husband I’d go slow and I did.  I am trying to take advantage of these days that I still feel energetic but who knows, I may always feel energetic.  I have tons of energy by nature.  I have no idea what I’d be like if I didn’t run as much as I did!!

So for now, I’m taking a deep breathe and starting to feel hopeful.  Everyday is truly starting to feel like a blessing.


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