What once was lost, now is found

Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about my car.

You may or may not have any idea what I’m talking about.  Let me start from the beginning.  So it’s Monday morning and I’m driving around work trying to find free street parking.  There are limited amounts of spots as it is and there has been major road work that’s been going on this whole summer.  Thank god the students are out ( I work at a University) because if school was in session I’d have to be here an hour early every day to find some place to park.   Ok back to the point.  I find a parking spot on one of the roads they’d been working on because, low and behold, all the “no parking” signs had been taken down!  Woohoo!  Score!  The spot was even in the shade!  Double score!  I parked around 7:52am to be precise and went about my day.  Fast forward 8ish hours and I’m ready to go home.  I start walking out to my car and as I’m getting closer I’m starting to realize it’s no where in sight.  I do however see the no parking signs back up and 2 other cars parked in the spot that I was previously parked in.  There were also 4 people standing around talking on the sidewalk.  I ran over there and asked them if they knew anything about the cars that were parked there earlier???  They actually knew what I was talking about because the woman’s brother in law’s car had been towed the day prior.  I proceeded to tell them that the “no parking” signs were not there earlier that morning and the man says to me in the most white trash accent, “Well there ain’t no signs up there because we got mad and threw them in the bushes because of this road work they been do’in.  It’s going on 3 weeks with no progress.”

Um, wft!?  How do you just THROW “no parking” signs into the bushes!?  I started to freak and and frantically started asking them where my car was.  The woman said it was probably about a mile away off a side street in the residential area across the park as that’s where her brothers car had been taken the day before.  She also thought it may be in a lot somewhere!  What!?  Then where is it!?  How will I EVER find my car!?  The man told me maybe I should call the number on the back of the sign.  I did.  They said I needed to call the non-emergency police line.   I did that.  The non-emergency police line fortunately had NO record of my car being reported as towed.  WFT!?  No report!?  They told me I could walk around looking for my car then if I don’t find it I can file a stolen car report.  WTF!?  I KNOW my car wasn’t stolen.  I was fuming at this point and started hitting the panic button on my cars key system.  That was the only way I found the car.  I followed the noise and we were reunited at last.  There was also another surprise  I had received.  Along with finding my car I won a $150 ticket!!  Ok, can I just say something?  F our local law enforcement.


I have zero respect for these people.  They didn’t even have the common decency to call in the tow.  Had I not had a panic button, I NEVER would have found the car.  Not to mention, I’m not sure how I would have gotten home as we only have one car between both myself and my husband.  Thank the good lord I have an unbelievably understanding spouse.  When he got home I explained the whole thing and he was furious, not with me, but at all the things I was furious at including law enforcement, the white trash idiots who threw the sign in the bushes, and the construction workers.  He wanted me to go fight it (as if I’d even have a chance of winning) so I agreed.

The next morning I really really wanted and tried to get up at 5:30am like I always do for my run.  I was SO tired.  I didn’t sleep at all.  I was so overworked.  I already had the morning off as I had a doc’s appointment (another post on that soon) and we’re not allowed to just take an hour or so off work, we must take a 1/2 day.  So I scheduled my appointment for 10:40am.  Perfect!  My plan WAS to get up, drink coffee and watch TV with Chad for a while, go for an 8 mile run, then get ready and head out.  Didn’t happen.  Chad begged me to go back to bed.  He knew I was tired as neither of us slept.  He even woke up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night, ate cereal, read the paper and then went back to bed.  So, I obliged.  I got back in bed, didn’t set the alarm and thought to myself it would be the perfect day to sleep in and take a rest day off running (I will post on this too, I don’t take rest days).  I ended up only sleeping until about 6:50am because our pup wanted to eat breakfast and was getting super antsy.  She can only sleep for  so long!  My plan was to just shower, get ready, make breakfast and lunch and be the first person standing in line at the parking magistrate’s office at 8am.  Nope.  I decided at around 7:40am that I wanted to go for a 6 mile run and totally be frazzled because that would mean I wouldn’t have much time in between appointments.  So I had a horrible run.  Just awful because I was so panicked about getting back in time to make both appointments.  I got home, showered and got ready and told myself I could leave no later than 8:45am.  Sure enough, I did it!  I should write a book on getting ready quick.  The parking place was only about 1 mile away but parking was a nightmare.   I had to pay for parking and was just crossing my fingers there wouldn’t be a long line for people fighting with the parking office.  Thankfully, there was only one person ahead of me when I got there at 9:10am.  I was called and went in with my head held high.  I was sure I had this.  Dreams. Were. Crushed.  Dude had really no sympathy for me what so ever.  He could sense my frustration but only took off $30 to make my grand total $120 instead of $150.  Still stings BIG time.  I left that place with the WORST taste in my mouth.  I was furious.  I hate our government and the way things are run here.  I told Chad that if we ever have a good chance to leave the country, I’m going to be the first to purchase a one way ticket out of here.  Rights, schmights.


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