The woods

We went camping.

This is the second attempt for Chad and myself to go camping together.  The first attempt was in Hawaii. We drove the road to Hana and I ended up feeling extremely car sick and nauseous as a result.  When we finally set up camp it was actually quite pleasant but I did not sleep well and as a result felt hung over the next morning and had little to no interest in ever going camping again.

This time was different.  We ended up hiking with friends of ours this time!  A four-some oh boy!  We had a specific place in mind but Chad had called earlier in the day and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get a spot camping as there were only 8 camp ground spots available.  When we got there, there were about a mile of cars lined up.  It took a while for us to find parking but we finally got a spot.  We decided to not bring any of our stuff up and figured we could just as easily scope out the place first then come back to the car later and grab our stuff if there were any open spots.  How hard could it be?  It was only a mile.  I ate my words (and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too).  It took us over an hour to hike up.  Our little doxie was a champ and wanted to run ahead of us several times.

Me being the incredibly smart woman that I am, had already run 9 miles before we got there (idiot).  I did not think this hike was going to be challenging in the least.  Turns out, it was sort of like what a 14er feels like.  When we finally got to the top one of our friends was smart enough to at least bring one of our tents to set up in the event that there would be an open spot so that we could hike back down and get the rest of the stuff.  We set up camp and ate our delicious King Soopers bought turkey sandwiches.  mmmm.  They were amazing!  Ever notice how when you are super hungry dirt can taste good?  These sandwiches were probably amazing in everyday life but they were that much better after hiking for over an hour all uphill.

The camp site was beautiful.  We found a spot that was in a very open area with not much tree cover.

View outside of the tent

Just a few 100 yards away was the lake.  This is actually where our water source came from.  My big strong Mr. knows a thing or two about camping so ever so often he would go down to the lake and get water to purify.  So there was a catch to all of this.  We had just finished lunch and everything was going splendidly.  It started to rain.  We hurried back into the tent as it also started lightening and thundering.  This went on for at least 2 hours.  It was actually kind of fun.  We let the dog entertain us for quite sometime.  She was trying to catch a fly.  Who knew that no technology and a little dog could provide so many laughs!?

Catch'in flys

When the storm started to die down we made a run for it and decided to go back to the car and grab the rest of our stuff including the food, another tent, sleeping bags, clothes and the most important thing….alcohol.  Wine and beer?  Yes please!

It took a good 45 min. to hike back down to the car.  None of us were excited to make the hour + journey back UP the incline.  I will say the hike itself, while challenging, was very beautiful.

This was the worst part about it….

This picture does not even begin to describe how painful it was walking back up this beast.  We had a lot of stuff.  Needless to say, we have learned that bringing 13 beers (both bottles and cans), 2 bottles of wine, cooked and already prepared food, and 5 changes of outfits is not necessary for one night of camping.  Lesson learned.

By far, the most rewarding part about camping is settling down.  We all changed into warmer clothing, popped open the beverages and had a really nice evening warming the food up, enjoying the hammocks my Mr. brought and talking about fun topics like “If you could change anything in the past knowing it would change everything in your future, what would it be?” (question, courtesy of Chad.  He has the greatest conversation starters!).

Happy Hour
Story tell'in

I think we finally decided to call it a night around 10pm.  I for sure thought we’d be in bed by 8:30pm.  Sleeping wasn’t too bad.  I still woke up several times throughout the night.  It started raining shortly after falling asleep and I started to envision our tent being carried away in the rain storm and never ever being able to make it back to the car.  I pictured a scene something like this one that had happened about 2 weeks prior to our camping trip in Denver:

In front of our condo after a flood

Fortunately, this did not happen and the rain stopped eventually although I fell asleep long before it did.  We made it through the night and woke up to a beautiful blue sky.  Chad went fishing for a bit while I tried to calm our dog down promising her that he’d be back shortly.  Fail.  She freaked out and was shaking so hard (she is obsessed with Chad) that we finally got up.  I was going to take her down to fish with him but just as we were leaving he came up over the hill.  Our friends woke up shortly after and we got breakfast on.  We lounged around for a good 2 hours before packing up and heading back down to the car.  All in all I’d say this was a complete success!  We can’t wait to do it again very soon!!



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