Party time

I had the bright idea of throwing my mom a surprise birthday party.  This idea came to me when she did the same for my dad in May.  They both turn a big one this year, 60.  I feel like 60 deserves something  big, huge, larger than life.  So what better time than to throw a surprise party!!

Best mom I've ever had!

Little did I know, a lot of planning comes into a surprise party.  First it was the personalized invitations, next it was keeping track of all the guests-who’s coming, who’s not.  Then the fun stuff.  Food.  Luckily my mom has the most amazing and thoughtful sister ever and I have an aunt who is out of this world helpful who said she’d help and come out for the surprise.  My mom has NO idea my aunt is coming.  The other added benefit to throwing a surprise party is stress.  I’ve been thinking about this party now for over a month and the stress has built and built.  I just want everything to go as planned and with surprises, that doesn’t always happen.  These things have to be carefully timed out.

My husband, as I’ve mentioned more than once, is incredible.

He is going to be the one who will send my mom on a wild goose chase while trying to stall her.  I’m not sure what the exact plan is on his part but he just has to make sure to not have her come home until at least 7pm.  I spoke with my mom last night about all this.  The “plan” has always been for her to watch our dog this weekend while we camp.  Little does my mom know, that’s a lie.  Regardless, we made up a story as to why she has to go get our dog at our condo.  I told my mom I can’t pick Chad and Sadie (the pup)

up because I have a mandatory work happy hour.  She tried to problem solve.  Of course, the ONE day she wants to leave early is today.  She told me she really needs to run errands in the opposite direction of where Chad and Sadie are so she suggested that she just ask my dad to get Chad.  Yeah, one little problem with that…Chad is our guy that is supposed to stall my mom!  When talking to my mom about this I started suggesting certain things like “well, wouldn’t you like a buddy to go with you?” or “It’s not that far out of the way, there’s  Sam’s club right by us!”  None of this was working so I quickly told her I had to go.  I called my dad asap.  Luckily I got a hold of him just in time.  I told him she was going to ask him to pick Chad and Sadie up and he immediately caught on saying “I’ll just tell her I have a work function and my boss needs me there”…PERFECT!  I did feel awful for my dad because my mom was going to scream at him for being useless and not helping.  I knew she’d be pissed and sure enough, she was.  I know this because my aunt called this morning to work out some details with me.  She told me that she’d already spoken with my mom today and my mom told my aunt that she was pissed saying things like “why do I have to do this?!  This makes no scense!!”  My aunt and I both agreed she has NO idea what is coming 🙂

On an even more stressful note, Chad and I did some cooking and buying of food last night that really needed to be refrigerated today.   I had to race over to my folks house today around 10am, drop the food off, and get back to work before anyone noticed.  Lucky for me, no one missed me.  I’m fortunate because the one person who does know what I’m doing and who does need to know where I’m going is my boss and she’s out today.  Now I’m just sitting here with knots in my stomach waiting to leave to go buy the last of the groceries and go set up shop in the backyard.  I’m hopefully sneaking out of work around 3:40 today so that we can get everything prepped and ready by 7pm.  Oh the joys of trying to make someone happy.


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