One whole week

It’s been exactly one week since we found out are pregnant.  I can’t even express all of the different emotions that have been flying through my head in this last week.  I’ll start posting pictures soon I know how to start posting pictures so we have documented a few things like pregnancy tests and what I look like at 4 weeks pregnant (same as I did not pregnant at all).

Wednesday was so full of excitement, joy, relief.  My husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our new almost addition to the family.  It was wonderful.  We went to a place called El Diablo.  Fantastic!  It was after my interview.  Wednesday was a VERY long day.  Starting off with my pregnancy news at 5:30am, running, working, interview, coming home to my mom and Chad, talking about the interview, walking the dog, and then finally sitting down to dinner at 8:30pm.  I was famished.  Way to nourish my body!  Anyways, the rest of the week was almost all consumed with talk of baby.  We had an early appointment with my OB/GYN on Saturday morning.  I figured this was going to be the appointment where they took my blood and measured my HCG levels.  They they would explain to me what I need to start doing and food, drinks and activities I needed to stay away from.  I figured they’d at least confirm the pregnancy!  So I had my husband come with me.  I had images of him holding my hand as we learned about the next few weeks and what to expect.  They called me back, told Chad to stay in the waiting room and took a urine sample from me.  I had just run 10 miles before the appointment so I was pretty much dehydrated and was lucky to squeeze out about an ounce of urine.  I’m assuming that urine was my confirmation for the pregnancy.  I wanted for what felt like hours in the doc. waiting room and then finally the doc. came in.  She congratulated me, gave me a folder of “light bedtime reading material” and basically sent me on my way.  As she was hurrying to her next appointment I was trailing behind asking questions like “Will my running effect the baby?” “What should I be eating or avoid eating?” “Do I need to do a blood test!?”  Apparently the visit didn’t mean jack.  It was even waived from fees.  They made another appointment and said that would be the “BIG one” 3 weeks later with a sonogram.  I guess I’ll assume that is when we confirm the pregnancy.

On another note, something I am deathly concerned about is my genetic disorder.  I was diagnosed back in college with a genetic disorder commonly referred to as MTHFR (some like to refer to it as the mother fucker gene) and I’m homozygous which means I have two defective genes.  If a person (myself) carries this gene mutation that inhibits the production of this enzyme and can result in hyperhomocytenemia, which is an elevated level of an enzyme called homocycteine found in blood plasma. When the body is deficient in MTHRF reductase, it’s ability to absorb folate (also known as B9), such as folic acid is inhibited.  Lucky for me folic acid and folate are both essential to the development and health of a growing fetus.  The doc. did say that we’d be talking about this gene mutations and my implications with pregnancy on the next visit.  I didn’t think twice about this comment and we went about our weekend.  Chad and I got married on June 18, 2011, well, legally.

signing our already signed marriage license

Our big church ceremony and reception (and as far as everyone else knows) was on March 26, 2011.

We got married early because we really didn’t want that to be the focus of our wedding day.  We already wanted to be married so that we didn’t have to stress about it.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a couple.  On March 26, we focused on the guests and our love for one another.  By this point we had already almost had one year of marriage under our belts so it was a nice way to relax during the day and just have fun.  Anyways, we always celebrate our dating anniversary in June since that is June 28 so now, back it up 10 days and we have the same tradition only we’ll be celebrating on June 18th instead.  So we had a weekend in Manitou Springs planned out.  It was wonderful.  We got into town, napped for about 2 hours, walked around, came back, did more napping then went to our traditional (3 years in a row now!) fondue restaurant Mona Lisa.

It was fantastic.  It wasn’t quite the same without wine but seltzer water helped tremendously.  I’m now in love with seltzer water.  The waiter sort of looked at us strangely thinking it was impossible to go to Mona Lisa and not have wine but hey, I’m pregnant!

So after our lovely dinner we went our for some nice decaf green tea 🙂

It was a little chilly out so it was a nice way to cap off the evening.

When we got to the hotel we officially felt like beached whales.  I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen until week 20!?  Anyways, needless to say we slept like rocks in our nice and cold hotel room.

The next day was Father’s Day!  This was the day I originally had planned on telling Chad we were pregnant.  As you may already know I couldn’t keep the secret to myself for more than 1 minute.  I had this huge ordeal planned our where I was going to give him a gift saying worlds greatest dad with a father’s day card from baby Baudoin.  Yeah, maybe with the next kid.  Not really, he said he would have been pissed if I had waited that long.  I am glad I didn’t because I’ve been able to share this amazing secret with my closest friend and partner for the entire way.  It feels really good to have him.  We were up around 7am, took our baby pup out for a walk and then hurried our breakfast so that we could climb the Manitou Incline.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a one mile up vertical climb.  I’m not sure what the elevation change is but it’s at about a 45 degree angle.  It’s pretty intense and I’m not sure my heartbeat stayed at 140.

We scurried up it in less than 40 minutes.  The hike down is about 4 miles of switch backs.  You can climb down the same way you went up but plummeting to our death didn’t seem like a good idea at the time so we took the long way down.

Once back down, we stopped for some decaf coffee and were on our way back to Denver to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad and Mom at their house.  We were supposed to go to the pool but it was pretty cloudy all day and fairly cool and breezy so the majority of our day was spent watching 16 and Pregnant since we don’t have cable and movies on TBS.  I did decide to go on a 5 mile run after eating some chex mix, mixed nuts and a slice of frozen pie.  BAD idea.  I made it 2.5 miles in and had to walk back to my folks house.  Didn’t quite make that 5 miler.  I blamed it on pregnancy 🙂  That night we had beef tenderloin, grilled corn, grilled zucchini, and capresse.  It was delicious and a very summery meal.  For dessert we had fresh warm brownies with Vanilla ice cream.  Side note, did you know preggos aren’t supposed to eat raw egg!?  Well no one is but I have never listened to that rule.  My mom had me make the brownies and it was torture have to put the batter in the oven with out licking the bowl.  Ugh.  We went home after that and had a very restful night of sleep.

Monday I had a presentation after work so I didn’t have to be in until noon!  It was amazing.  I had planned on doing an 8 miler but it was poring out when we got up so I had to go down to our clanky elliptical downstairs.  I got an hour done and it felt really good.  My legs needed a break so I didn’t mind.  Monday was a great day.  It flew by, even without taking a lunch break.  I love “working” when no one is here.  I had to work until 7pm and then presented until about 7:40.  I didn’t get home until 8pm.  It was fine though.  I missed the Bachelorette so I still need to catch up on that.  Anyways, I still wasn’t really thinking about the pregnancy all that much through out the weekend and on Monday. Tuesday is when it really hit me….Like, REALLY hit me.  I have MTHFR.


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