Day 2

So last night I had an interview.  My job now is not my life’s passion by any means but it is a good job and I have an amazing boss.  I found a job in exercise testing in which I thought would be a perfect fit.  It would be in a medical type setting doing testing on cardiovascular disease patients primary, but also doing testing on diabetic patients and a variety of others who have diseases in which exercise may help alleviate some of their aliments.

As you all know, I found out I was pregnant on Wednesday this week.  The interview was Wednesday evening.  I had always told my husband that if we were to get pregnant in the first try or two, I would stay at my current job.  My boss is also pregnant.  I will be taking over for her in October when she leaves for maternity leave and then, little does she know, she will be taking over now for me in February when I leave for maternity leave.  This was the primary reason I wanted to stay at my current job.  Amazing maternity leave.  The leave here is 3 months plus any sick time you may have accrued.  Right now I have 102 hours of sick leave built up and and clearly not taking them at a quick enough speed.  If I were to leave, I’d lose the maternity leave, sick time and have to start all over again at the new place.  So as you can see, it was quite the dilemma when I found out the day of the interview that I was pregnant.  I went through with the interview anyways but quickly realized that in no way shape or form do I want to go back to being a Research Assistant of any kind.  Maybe it’s different for different clinics but for this specific one here were the cons:

1. No one was married or had a family.  There are currently 3 women, all with a masters degree and all about the same age as me which is not a con but also showed me that we are not in the same place in life considering they weren’t married or pregnant.

2. The schedule was a little “off”.  They told me I would work a 40 hour work week but the schedule varies from day to day.  Right now I work 8-4:30pm, no surprises.  Sometimes I do class presentations at night but this happens about 3 times a year.  I also get to come in around noon on those days.  I can manage that.  I can’t manage having to come in at 6am 2-3 times a week or working until 7:30pm 2-3 times per week.  My husband and I have the exact same schedule right now which is awesome.

3. I feel like this would be a huge step backwards in terms of my goals and my career pursuits.  I’m doing some pretty high end stuff right now.  This is by no means my lifes passion but I always figured that the next job I take I would have the potential to become a director of sorts.  Not be directed as clearly stated in this position that I interviewed for.

4. Very monotonous work.  I do monotonous work already as it is.  I don’t need to leave one cushy job that is monotonous for another job that is monotonous and far less cushy.

5. The Director or PI (Principle Investigator) said that work must be one of my top 3 priorities in life.  Yeah right!  Maybe top 20 and even then it’s pushing it!  Work is by no means a priority for me at this point.  Maybe that’s because I haven’t found the right job but even when I do I will never work evenings or weekends and I certainly don’t care that much about work that it would ever be in my “top 3 list”.  Gross.

6. And finally, the pay SUCKS.  Not that I wouldn’t take a job for less pay but they were offering $25,000!!!  Ok, I’m sorry but maybe if I worked part-time I’d take that salary but from what they are expecting of a research assistant, I don’t think so.  I got paid more in Kansas for being a Research Assistant!  Standard of living here in Colorado is so much more expensive!  No thanks.

So there you have it folks.  The reasons for not taking a job I am 100% qualified for and probably had the best interview of my life at.  I was very well received at the clinic and everyone was apparently raving about me.  It was a definite ego boost but even now, two days out after the interview, it’s hard to stomach going back to the Research Assistant world.  This interview was very helpful in that it made me figure out what my next steps will be.


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