Because I’m bored

So now it is Friday.  Thank god!  I have learned to appreciate my current job and boss so much more since I had that interview!

Now, onto more important things.  Running.  My buddy.  My emotional support.  My key to happiness.

I’m having a tough time with running lately.  I have started to dedicate Monday’s and Friday’s as non running days.  I decided I would do this last weekend when I was fed up with trying to conceive (I know, poor me, it took two cycles) but still those of you who have been through this know that the agony of waiting every cycle for your period when you want so badly to be pregnant is torture.  So I heard that running can effect fertility.  I was getting scared that this cycle wouldn’t be our cycle to conceive either so I thought to myself “what extra precautions can I take this third cycle to ensure that I’m doing everything right?”  One was to TRY to cut down my running for a solid 40 miles per week to something less…Maybe 25?  Easier said than done.  The people who know me know how difficult this task is for me.  I love my long runs on the weekends and I love pushing myself to see how many miles I can rack up “just for fun” on the weekday mornings.  So my new schedule looks like this:

Monday: pilates/run or walk the pup 2-3 miles

Tuesday: Run 5 miles, walk pup 2 miles

Wednesday: Run 5 miles, walk pup 2 miles

Thursday: Run 5 miles, walk pup 2 miles

Friday: elliptical for 60 minutes or elliptical for 35 min., followed by a Jillian Michaels DVD 60 day shred picking a different level every week (20 min. long) then run the pup (if I have time) 2 miles.

Saturday: 10-12 mile run

Sunday 8-10 mile run

I followed this schedule pretty well this week.  Today is Friday and I majorly bombed out.  I did go down to use the elliptical in our community gym at our condo complex (it’s shit but will do the trick).  I immediately was not feeling it.  Either I was working too hard or the pregnancy is already effecting my workouts.  Either way I decided not to push myself today (due to baby) and I stopped after 30 minutes.  I took the pup for a 2 mile slow jog around the neighborhood and called it a workout.  I was super disappointed in myself.  I think the worst part of this whole pregnancy thing is me worrying about gaining weight.  I have always been worried about me weight but have been able to keep it low with exercise and TONS of running.  It worries me that I won’t be able to run the same amount (obviously) pre-pregnancy.  I am obsessed with the runners world pregnancy forums.  Those ladies run 8-9 miles almost everyday and are in their 24-38th weeks!  Incredible and very motivating!

We go to the doc. tomorrow.  I’m so excited to get the blood results back for confirmation but also excited to talk with her about my pregnancy risk and what sorts of exercise she recommends I do over the course of the next 9 months.  I just hope I never have to say goodbye to running or it’s going to be a very long 9 month period for all parties (husband included, sorry sweets!).


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