The Beginning

This blog was originally going to be a blog about running and staying thin.  That has sort of gone out the window as our lives are going to be forever changed.

I should preface this with saying, yes, we were trying.  My husband and I got married on March 26.  We new we wanted to start trying to have kids fairly soon after the wedding.  April was too soon so in May we decided we’d “do this”!  Well I was SO sure I was pregnant back in May.  I had all the “signs and symptoms”.  I was obsessed with the two week wait forums.  I was reading everything I could about trying to conceive.  I knew when I ovulated and since last year I have been keeping track of my cycles and when I ovulate so that when the time came for us, I’d be ready and we’d get it right first time around.  By 10 days past ovulation you have a good chance of testing positive if you’re pregnant with a home pregnancy test.  I was going to wait until day 12 or 13 when my period was supposed to arrive but I was just too excited and KNEW I was pregnant!  I had sore boobs, headaches, cramps occasionally, was tired, felt nauseous.  I took a test the morning of the 10th.  Negative.  Another in the afternoon of the 11.  Negative.  WTF?!  I KNOW I’m preggo!  On the 12th day past ovulation I felt horrible!  I didn’t even run which you will find out about me is hard for me to do.  I ALWAYS workout.  I’m never too tired, too sick, or too busy to workout.  I was just so low on energy that day.  I knew I had to rest b/c I was for sure preggo.  That night my monthly bestie paid me a visit.  And there you have it.  My first month of trying for a baby and I immediately deemed myself as infertile.  I told my husband to start bookmarking adoption sites and prepare for the worst because I just couldn’t understand how we timed every single thing right and yet not a single sperm made it to my egg.  Come on!  There are MILLIONS of those things!  So I made it through the dreaded monthly cycle and we started again with a new approach for month 2.

I read more online.  One very precious piece of information I read was that no couple should ever think they will get pregnant on the first shot.  Whoops.  Another great piece of information, never use saliva as a lubricant.  Whoops.  Caffeine may hinder your chances of conceiving.  Whoops.  Too much intense exercise can cause infertility.  Whoops and WTF!?  So after gathering more knowledge we went forward to the 2nd cycle.

I started using an Ovulation Predictor Kit and I charted my temperature just to make sure I was ovulating.  You can’t have a baby if you don’t ovulate.  I have heard of women who get monthly periods but who simply do not ovulate.  Could I be one of these women!?  So I decided to take control.  I also purchased the book Taking Charge of your Fertility.  Did I go a bit overboard and somewhat crazy?  Well, yes, maybe.  Just ask my husband.  Whatever.  You can never know too much about yourself!

And so the two week wait began…I had absolutely NO symptoms that other women feel in this waiting period.  No big or sore boobs, no headaches, no nausea, no cramping, no bloating, no implantation bleeding, not tired (I ran 10 miles last Saturday and it was the best run ever).  I just KNEW I was not pregnant this cycle.  Bummed?  Yeah a little bit.  I warned my husband that I was allowed one day of the month to be completely sad and mopey and that was the day my monthly bestie visits.  He complied.  So by cycle day 11 my temps were still high.  Too early to tell.  I didn’t test.  My period was supposed to arrive on cycle day 13 but by cycle day 12 my temps were still high.  Shouldn’t’ they be dropping by now?  This is weird?  I thought to myself…”I’m going to test.  I’m prepared.  There is no way I could be preggo but I need to know…today!”  Went to the bathroom, peed on my stick….2 very distinct lines showed up almost immediately.  Not even a question of “um, is that a line?  Could that be a line?”  No, it was VERY positive.

I almost stopped breathing.  I had no symptoms, how is this possible.  I was so excited!  I had this whole plan in my head that I was going to tell my husband on Father’s Day since it’s on Sunday.  But it was Wednesday!!!!  OMG.  no way.  I ran into the bedroom.  Some background is that I was going to interview for a new job last night (well I did interview) but I had always said if I was pregnant I’d stay at my current job.  I whispered in his ear “Guess I’m staying at DU”.  He was very confused (and half asleep).  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I held the test in front of his face.  He still had no idea what it was…”pregnant?…No wait, not pregnant?”.  I just stood there.  I said “well you tell me, what does the test say?”  He then realized what was going on and we both melted into each others arms.  Tons of hugs and kisses were shared with a few words on “what now”.  I new the best thing for me to do was share my news with running so I laced up and headed out.  I had a pep talk with baby and wanted to get one thing clear…”Baby, you will be sharing me with running from here on out…Get ready for the ride.”


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